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Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, structural depositions, manufacture and application of robots. Today Robotics is the rapidly growing field and it is continue in research, design, and build new robots that serve various practical purposes.

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Laws of Robotics

The Laws of Robotics are like moral guidelines for robots, akin to parents teaching their children. They’re designed to help future super-intelligent robots understand proper behavior. Though we’re not there yet, scientists and filmmakers enjoy exploring and developing this concept.

Three Laws are:

  • A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  • A robot must follow human orders unless they violate the First Law.
  • It must also prioritize its own survival unless doing so goes against the First or Second Laws.

Components of Robots

  • End effectors-hands of robots
  • Manipulators-arms of robot
  • Actuators-robots muscles and joints
  • Controller-brain of Robot
  • Sensors

Applications of Robotics

Military Robots: These are advanced machines designed for various military tasks, ranging from reconnaissance to combat operations.

Industrial Robots: Since the 1960s, robots have become integral to manufacturing processes. In 2016, over half of industrial robot sales in the US were to the automotive industry, where they often handle more than half of the workload.

Cobots (Collaborative Robots): These robots work alongside humans, assisting them in tasks that require precision or strength.

Construction Robots: These machines come in various forms, including traditional robots, robotic arms, and robotic exoskeletons.

Agricultural Robots (AgRobots): Linked with AI-assisted precision farming and drone technology, AgRobots help with tasks like planting, harvesting, and even herding. Research as far back as 1996-1998 demonstrated their effectiveness in agriculture.

Medical Robots: Examples include the da Vinci Surgical System and Hospi, which assist surgeons in performing delicate procedures with precision.

Kitchen Automation: From burger flipping to salad making, robots like Flippy, Zume Pizza, and Sally are automating tasks in commercial kitchens. Home devices like Rotimatic and Boris (a dishwasher loader) also offer convenience.

Robot Combat for Sport: This hobby turned sport involves robots battling each other in arenas, inspired by TV series and events worldwide.

Cleanup of Contaminated Areas: Robots clean up hazardous sites contaminated by toxic waste or nuclear materials, minimizing human exposure to danger.

Domestic Robots: These robots assist with household chores, offering help with cleaning, cooking, and other tasks to simplify daily life.

Swarm Robotics: This field involves coordinating large groups of robots to work together, mimicking the behavior of swarms in nature for tasks like search and rescue or exploration.

Autonomous Drones: Drones equipped with AI technology operate without direct human control, used for various purposes including surveillance, delivery, and mapping.

Challenges in Robotics

  • Loss of job as robots may be efficient in doing repetitive tasks
  • Security threats like recent drone attacks of Kashmir
  • Existential threat to humanity if these Robots through Machine learning become much intelligent than human beings
  • Ethical: lack of clarity on rights of Robots
  • Humans may develop attachments to robots, potentially weakening our family systems.

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