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Geography optional in UPSC and UPPSC is becoming a popular optional Subject because of Various reasons.

Important features of Geography

Interesting, not very exhaustive, Syllabus and easy availability of the study material with clear preparation strategy make to very much preparable in couple of months.

Geography Optional syllabus is a subject of semi scientific nature so, it is good for the students of both science and Art backgrounds. UPSC geography optional is application-based, therefore memorisation is not needed or mugging up is not required Questions papers are generally related to current Affairs. Therefore, one can answer by focusing on current affairs.

Geographical concepts, being highly visible in our environment, so very interesting and easy to understand.

Geography, being inter-disciplinary in nature, has a weightage of around 350 marks in General Studies previous-year papers.

Drawing maps and diagrams which is the fundamental approach in Geography optional paper, helps improve the presentation in General Studies papers also.

Every year, at least two topics in Essay paper, are directly picked up from Geographical aspects.

It is a scoring subject among UPSC/UPPSC optional.

Geography Syllabus

Important Book list for Geography

UPSC Geography Syllabus

Geography Through Maps by Siddhartha

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh. (alternative to G.C. Leong)

Terms and Concepts of Geography by Majid Husain.

Geography of India by Surender Singh (alternative to Majid Husain).

Indian and World Geography: Objective Questions with Explanatory Notes for Civil Services Preliminary Examination.

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