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IAS NEXT Mains Test Series | 2024

"STARTING – JULY 22, 2023"

50 TESTS (27 Fundamental and Advance + 11Essay + 12 Full Length Tests)

(Current Affairs + Value Addition Material + Supplementary Material: Soft Copy Only) *

About IAS NEXT Test Series
  • Schedule offers candidates a mix of 3 Hours/250 Marks Sectionals Tests and 3 Hours/250 Marks Revision and Full-Length Syllabus Test
  • It is ideal for candidates who have started preparation for 2020 and are seeking a disciplined and guided self-study through targeted test series.
  • The Program also has the option to enrol for our essay test series program that includes tests, discussion and mentorship for the same.
  • The program commences from 22nd July, 2023 and tests can be written at the offline Test Centre as well as online mode.
  • Discussions for all Tests will be done in classrooms and will also be uploaded in student portal for online students.
  • This initiative provides professional mentor support to help candidates improve answer writing both in person and via phone and email based on the mode of exam chosen by the student (offline/Online)
  • Students enrolled in the program will be provided current affairs compilation in SOFT COPY from time to time.
Why should you join IAS NEXT test series?
The success of the program depends on:
  1. Writing tests in a timely manner and as much as possible to achieve maximum improvement.
  2. Implementing and improvising inputs provided by the Mentor either telephonically or in person is known to have achieved visible impact on marks.
  3. Implementing suggestions provided through evaluation and mentorship in the subsequent tests. As Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
  4. Avoiding submitting 3-4 tests at one go, as it defeats the purpose of a test series in achieving incremental improvement. Proactively solicit mentor feedback after every 2-3 tests.
  5. Do not submit 10 papers one month before the exam. It becomes impossible to recommend changes 2-3 weeks before the exam as students do not have the time to implement feedbacks.
IAS NEXT is a topmost Coaching Institute offering guidance for Civil & Judicial services like UPSC, State PCS, PCS-J exams since more than 10 years.
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