Sociology Optional

Since, optional holds 30% (approx.) weightage in UPSC CSE i.e., 500/1750, hence it is recommended to choose optional very wisely. Sociology optional in recent years has been a preferred choice for students all-round the country aspiring for Civil Services. 2 among Top 10 rankers in UPSC or UPPSC are from this optional every year and number goes very high in overall rankings.

How to choose an optional for CSE:

1. Check your comprehending power by going through basic books of your preferred subject (Like for Sociology – Read NCERT of class 11th and 12th). If you are able to develop interest and if you can comprehend well, first bold tick has been made.
2. Competent teaching facility (esp. faculty) available in your town or wherever you can prepare from.
3. Comprehensive materials available in the market which corresponds to upcoming trend of CSE questions.

These three basic thought processes will lead you to choose best optional for you in CSE. Now, point number 1 has been already clarified w.r.t. sociology, let’s discuss point number 2 and 3 elaborately.

Why to Join IAS NEXT?

Competent Teaching Faculty of Sociology in Lucknow or Uttar Pradesh as a whole, Sudhanshu Mishra Sir (Director IAS NEXT) and Anubhav Amitendra Singh Sir has been the best in past few years (especially for UPSC). He has been teaching sociology for 5 years and has huge success in UP PCS especially. He has very simple pedagogical structure and course gets completed in 5 months comprehensively. His command over Thinkers of Sociology is phenomenon.

Approach is very simple, starting with basics and following it with excessive applicable theories to give real feel of the subject.

Booklist and Sources:

Classroom notes are exhaustive and comprehensive covering almost all the important books – Haralambos and Holborn; Themes and Perspectives, Anthony Giddens, George Ritzer, Thomas Bottomore, Modernisation of Indian Tradition – Yogendra Singh, Social Stratification and Change in India – Yogendra Singh, Society in India – Ram Ahuja, etc.

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