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UPSC Monthly Current Affairs | Magazine

Introducing the IAS NEXT Monthly Current Affairs Magazine!

For Civil Services exam aspirants, staying abreast of current affairs is paramount for success in both the prelims and mains. Recognizing this, we present the IAS NEXT Monthly Current Affairs Magazine, a comprehensive compilation designed to streamline your IAS preparation. A monthly current affairs magazine for the UPSC CSE is a valuable resource for candidates who are preparing for this exam. It can help them to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events, and to develop a deeper understanding of the issues that are shaping India and the world today.

Features of the IAS NEXT Current Affairs Magazine:


    • Curated selection of crucial news items aligned with the CSE syllabus

    • Segmented into key sections including polity, economy, international relations, education, art and culture, disaster management, science and technology, geography, ecology, health, security, and more

    • Each news item meticulously analyzed to meet the requirements of the IAS exam

    • Convenient PDF format for hassle-free download

    • Over 100 pages of essential current affairs material, provided absolutely free of charge

    • Identify different news articles that can be converted to an MCQ or mains Q&A question bank of prelims and mains questions with model answers

    • Prepare for the essay, in addition to general studies

    • Learn the art of answer writing

    • Counter the surprise element that the UPSC exams throw every year

    • Be prepared for most current affairs questions

    • Organize and present a good answer

    • Helps you learn time management during the exam.

Stay ahead of the curve with our monthly magazine, offering insightful analysis and in-depth coverage of the most significant developments shaping our world. Download your copy of the IAS NEXT Monthly Current Affairs Magazine today!

For regularly updated current affairs, visit our website. Access our Monthly Question Bank featuring sample questions for both Prelims and Mains exams.

Download the IAS NEXT Monthly Magazine now!

January Current Affairs Magazine

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Download Here

February Current Affairs Magazine

March Current Affairs Magazine

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Download Here

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