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Many aspirants are too fed up with preliminaries and thus fail to see the bigger picture. Students often overlook the importance of mains answer writing practice due to the lack of proper guidance but as an aspirant, you have to understand that “prelims is just the surface of the ocean while mains is the ocean itself.” This peculiar preparation flawed costs many aspirants their precious attempts.

IAS Next is the best IAS coaching in Lucknow as it provides comprehensive preparation for pre + mains both along with many other things –

Newspaper Summary

Here at IAS Next, we provide proper breakdown analysis of current affairs in GS paper format. We provide an in-depth analysis of all the necessary dimensions of the topic. We simplify, summarize, and highlight all the necessary articles in the newspaper. We also highlight good vocabulary and rich phrases that you can use to improve your answer writing practice. These summarized articles will help you in building a constructive, intellectual, and rational thought process.

Comprehensive coverage of the subjects

You have to understand that UPSC CSE preparation is not based on simply inculcating names and dates of everything rather you’ll have to thoroughly grasp the concept and link it to the other subjective dimensions. We make it easy for you, our faculty provides comprehensive subject coverage with examples of Previous Year Question paper to always keep you in exam ready mindset.

Answer Writing practice

Getting into the habit of answer writing practice is a necessary trait that you’ll need to develop in order to surpass the competition. We understand this fact very well so we constantly assess your answer writing skills by providing important questions on exam relevant news topics. “Just remember the ocean.”

Mock papers

We provide high-quality mock papers and test series. These test papers are designed to give you a thorough understanding of what it takes to clear the civil services. These test series will constantly keep you on track.

These are some of the many necessary aspects that goes into the preparation of UPSC CSE. IAS Next, the top IAS coaching in Lucknow is constantly guiding many young civil service aspirants ‘to pursue their dreams’ for years. So come and join us for better civil service preparation.

For UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023

UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of the toughest exams for government services. It tests your thorough as well as wide-ranging knowledge. Join IAS Next one of the Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow.

To achieve, Assured success, you need to prepare for this exam very thoroughly, with full dedication, focus, sincerity, positive attitude, confidence and hard work.

Our strategy & methodology is unique & different.

You should start preparation at least 15 months in advance

if you want to clear the exam in very -very 1st attempt!!!

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    IAS NEXT one of the Top IAS Coaching in Lucknow Guidance Program consists of relevant reference books, various magazines, question papers, study plans, tips and tricks etc. We have different program for different aspirants.

    We prepare study plans according to your daily schedule. You may be working, or a full time student or a house-wife; we prepare the study plans that suit your schedule. All you need to do is follow the reference books and study plans and prepare accordingly. We will teach you how to prepare high quality Notes.

    • Our Unique Approach provided you 100% Assured selection in IAS/PCS – 2023 Batch. Our Strategy is Based PCMI Model which is comprehensive & covers all Demands of Examination.
    • We Deal Each Subject With PCMI Approach
      PCMI Model is mixture of All Relevant Topic classes from very Basic to Detailed analysis. We provide Numerous Test for Pre Level, Regular Answer writing Mains Test Paper & Mock Interview for Each Subjects.
    1. Current Affairs – Every Friday
    2. Fact Funda – Every Saturday

    IAS/PCS Target Batch 2023


    15 Month Program divided into Two segments with Daily 2 hrs. classes.

    What is PCMI Approach

    For 100% selection we need to ensure full understanding of Each Topics &Issue. Our PCMI Model is solution for this.

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    UPSC Interview 2023 new program