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Current Affairs Clear Prelims 2025 |

Current Affairs Clear Prelims 2025

Starting Date : 10th January 2024
Validity Till : Mains 2024

Course Features:

Comprehensive Coverage of Over 3000 Topics with Fundamental Concept Clarification

– Thorough coverage of all significant topics from the past two years for Prelims Examination
– Focus on teaching with an emphasis on clearing the concepts of each topic

In-depth Exploration of Current Affairs from the Last Two Years (2022-23 and 2023-24 Sessions)

– Detailed coverage of current affairs from the past two years
– Emphasis on addressing current affairs in a comprehensive manner
– Focus on facilitating effective preparation for solving Prelims questions

Integration of Contemporary Subjects with the Static Syllabus

– Incorporation of teaching methodologies aligning with current affair topics and static syllabus
– Revision of static topics facilitated through the exploration of dynamic subjects

(DRS) Doubt Resolving Sessions

– Regular doubt-resolving sessions for addressing student queries
– Open option for students to actively engage with the teacher and pose questions- Revision of static topics facilitated through the exploration of dynamic subjects

2-weekly Recorded Lectures, Two Sessions Per Week

– Weekly provision of two recorded lecture sessions.
– 2 – weekly delivery of recorded educational content.

Separate Sessions on Approach Building for Solving MCQ.

– Periodic sessions dedicated to formulating an approach and strategy for the Prelims Examination.
– Separate classes scheduled at intervals to guide on building effective strategies for Prelims.

Video Lecture Series: In-Depth Exploration of AIR, Rajya Sabha TV, and Maps with Comprehensive Notes

–  A singular comprehensive resource for UPSC CSE Prelims Examination, serving as the primary window for current affairs.
– Inclusive coverage of all sources beyond newspapers, ensuring a thorough compilation of the entire spectrum of current affairs for effective preparation.

5 Current Affair Based Test

– Conducting Prelims Test Series centered on current affairs to evaluate comprehension of covered topics.
– Students have the flexibility to attempt these tests at their convenience, with the option to postpone but not prepone.

Price: ₹ 4999/- + taxes

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With a track record of 4 Main exams and 3 interviews in the UPSC CSE, he possesses a profound understanding of the exam’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the course be conducted in real-time or through recorded sessions?

The course will be accessible in recorded format, while live sessions will be conducted for doubt resolution.

Does the course include mentorship opportunities?

Certainly, strategy sessions are integral components of the course and will be conducted regularly.

How can I reach out to the mentor for clarifying my doubts?

In the Doubt Resolving sessions, participants have the opportunity to pose questions directly to the mentor.

Does the course encompass a comprehensive coverage of all current affairs?

Certainly, there will be an in-depth coverage of current affairs from the preceding two years.

Will access to this course extend until Mains 2024?

Indeed, the course remains valid until Mains 2024, ensuring continued access until the Mains examination.

Does the course content provide sufficient preparation for clearing Prelims?

There is no specific formula for success in any stage of the UPSC examination. This course is structured to address various question types in current affairs comprehensively, providing more than sufficient preparation for Prelims 2024.

Is this course suitable for individuals new to UPSC preparations?

Certainly, our course is meticulously designed to cater to both foundational and advanced levels. Feel free to engage with this course at any stage of your preparation.

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