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Weekly PCS - J | Answer Writing

Q1. Explain and distinguish between:
   a) Cognizable and non Cognizable offence
   b) Bailable and non Bailable offence. 10 marks

Q2. Define inquiry, investigation and trial and distinguish between these terms. 10 marks

Q3. Explain the law under the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 relating to sentence in cases of conviction of several offences at a trial. 15 marks

Q4. What are the provisions regarding search by a police under Criminal Procedure Code, 1973? Explain. 15 marks

Mastering PCS-J Exams: Your Weekly Question and Answer Guide


Welcome to our webpage dedicated to PCS-J exam preparation! Aspiring candidates like you need a comprehensive and structured approach to tackle the challenges of the PCS-J exams. That’s why we have developed a unique weekly question-and-answer program specifically tailored to meet your needs. In this blog, we will delve into the details of our program and explain how it can be your secret weapon for PCS-J success.

The Importance of Weekly Question and Answer Sessions:

Understand the significance of the regular question-and-answer practice in PCS-J preparation.

Highlight the benefits of a structured and consistent study routine.

Explain how our program keeps you motivated and accountable.

Comprehensive Coverage of PCS-J Syllabus:

Discuss the syllabus of PCS-J exams and their key components.

Emphasize the importance of covering all subjects and topics.

Showcase how our weekly program ensures holistic coverage for a well-rounded preparation.

Structured Approach to Answer Writing:

Explain the significance of effective answer writing in PCS-J exams.

Introduce the structure and format of an ideal answer.

Highlight how our program guides you in crafting well-structured and concise answers.

Targeted Subject-wise Question Sets:

Detail the weekly distribution of subject-specific questions.

Illustrate how we provide questions from various topics within each subject.

Discuss the advantage of practicing questions aligned with the exam pattern.

Model Answers and Explanations:

Emphasize the importance of understanding model answers.

Describe how our program provides detailed explanations for each question.

Showcase how this helps you grasp concepts, improve the content, and learn from mistakes.

Time Management and Exam Strategy:

Discuss the time constraints and the need for effective time management.

Offer tips and techniques to optimize your exam strategy.

Explain how our program helps you improve speed and accuracy through time-bound practice.

Expert Guidance and Feedback:

Highlight the value of mentorship and guidance in PCS-J preparation.

Explain how our program offers expert feedback on your answers.

Describe the opportunity to seek clarification and resolve doubts.

Peer Learning and Community Support:

Highlight the benefits of a community-driven learning environment.

Illustrate how our program facilitates interaction with peers and fellow aspirants.

Emphasize the mutual support and exchange of knowledge within the community.


Our weekly question-and-answer program for PCS-J exams is designed to provide you with a comprehensive, structured, and effective preparation approach. By consistently practicing questions, honing your answer writing skills, and receiving expert guidance, you will be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the PCS-J exams and achieve your dream of becoming a successful judicial officer. Join our program today and unlock your true potential!

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