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The Connection between Books and Culture

The Connection between Books and Culture which we can build bridges between different cultures."- Bharat Ratna Dr. Radha Krishnan.

Literature and culture:

“Books are the means through which we can build bridges between different cultures.”- Bharat Ratna Dr Radha Krishnan.

Books have been a cornerstone of human culture for centuries, serving as a means of transmitting ideas, stories, and knowledge from generation to generation.

From ancient manuscripts to modern novels, books provide a window into the beliefs, values, and traditions of different cultures.

In this article, we will explore the connection between books and culture.

And how they have influenced each other throughout history.

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Most Influential Books of All Time:

It is difficult to determine the most influential book of all time, as the impact of a book can be subjective.

And depend on various factors such as historical context and cultural relevance.

However, there are several books that have had a significant impact on human history and continue to shape our world today.

One of the most influential books of all time is the Bible.

It is the most widely read and translated book in the world and has been a source of inspiration, guidance, and comfort for billions of people over the centuries.

The Bible contains the teachings of Christianity, the world’s largest religion.

And has influenced art, literature, and culture in countless ways.

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Another influential book is the Quran, the sacred text of Islam. It is the primary source of Islamic law and contains teachings on faith, ethics, and social justice.

The Quran has been a source of inspiration and guidance for millions of people and has shaped the Islamic world for over 1,400 years.

The Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu scripture, is also considered one of the most influential books of all time.

It contains teachings on the nature of reality, karma, and dharma and has had a significant impact on Hindu philosophy and spirituality.

The Bhagavad Gita has been translated into many languages and continues to inspire millions of people worldwide.

Other influential books include works of literature such as Shakespeare’s plays and Homer’s epics.

which have had a significant impact on language and culture.

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Philosophical works such as Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics have also shaped.

Western thought and continue to be studied and debated by scholars.


In new programmes decisive trends towards new forms of assessment are being detected (active participation, continuous assessment and assignments, group assignments and presentations, portfolios, final reports on project work, online tests, peer review, self evaluation), while traditional assessment methods still persist to a large extent (final written and oral exams) centring on the reproduction of knowledge rather than the achievement of competences.

Essays are used either as part of continuous assessment or as final subject evaluations. Project work is rare in literature subjects, but more common and rising in popularity in the assessment of culture subjects. Other methods of assessment might include open‐book exams (taken home by the students and submitted to a deadline). Longer papers on literary subjects are usually introduced during the 2nd cycle level (MA).

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Assessment is usually carried out by the subject teacher (internal assessment) but a few countries include additional external examiners.

who in the field of literature specialise in the subject being evaluated.

The assessment methodology is usually decided locally by the teacher/course team delivering the teaching.

The provision of assessment criteria and distribution of marks are good practice and in many cases are a quality assurance requirement.

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The Connection between Books and Culture,The Connection between Books and Culture,The Connection between Books and Culture

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