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UPSC Prelims Strategy for 40 Days

UPSC PRELIMS STRATEGY for 40 by brainstorming the facts and analysing the concepts.

UPSC PRELIMS STRATEGY; Prelims is objective paper and is used for elimination of candidates,In prelims you need to know exact facts whereas in mains it is okay if you don’t know few facts. For example, in mains it’s okay not to know the exact articles of constitution whereas in prelims you must know the exact articles of some part of constitution. In prelims, having skill of option elimination and making calculated guess is required. Well as per my opinion 40-day is almost good for Prelims. Here is how an aspirant can maximise and ensure selection in civil services Prelims examination while saving time and energy.

UPSC PRELIMS STRATEGY; Preparation wise you can divide your day in three parts-

Revision of your static/basic content–focus on subjects and chapters which can give you 50 -60 correct answers. Give more time on those like Polity, Modern India, Geography. Revise the notes books and materials you have studied earlier. Avoid new books or materials just because a random friend(senior didi and bhaiya ) is studying that.

You can Start with Polity. Read Laxmikanth/IAS Next Notes (or any one book/material that you have using thoroughly and keep referring articles of constitution on the side.

After polity Shift to Modern History. Use book ghazal Bharadwaj or spectrum, it will take time to prepare it. Be persistent. There is no alternative to it.

After history, take up Geography. NCERTs of 11 and 12th. Keep an oxford student atlas with you. Mark it with places you come across while reading basic content. This will ensure that Map-based Questions do not trouble you separately.

Read Economics after that. Start with any base material (book/notes of IAS NEXT, etc.). Go to budget and Economic Survey of that can refer to good summaries of Economic Survey available online.

Go with Environment then. PMF IAS Book best book or refer notes that  you have made Environment notes from Current Affairs.

Giving and analysing mock tests– Try to give at least 10 full length mock tests with proper exam conditions like setting. Analyse your mistakes.

Studying current affairs — Focus on areas like economics, environment which have higher weightage in terms of current affairs. Cover important organizations ,conventions, few important species (Don’t do too many at cost of other static topics) and keep on revising.

UPSC PRELIMS STRATEGY; tips and suggestions

Give tests if possibly once in every 3 days now. Practice as much as possible

Give 4–5 CSAT tests. Many people last year scored 100+ in Paper 1, yet failed in CSAT. This is especially for ARTS students

Last 8–10 months of Current affairs will give you maximum number of questions. Do not go for last 2 years Current affairs. It’s very time taking.

Each of your day is important now. Do not waste time in Negative emotions. Each mark and each minute from now will decide your future.

Do not go on remembering each and every data. Just remember few important ones. But more important is that get the Logic behind each question.

1. Polity- 10days

2. Economy- 10 days

3. History – Art and culture-8 days

4. Geography and Environment -8 days

5. Current (Schemes, Bodies, etc)-10 days

Important points
  • Don’t go through NCERTs for polity/economy/environment etc. It has very less cost-benefit.
  • No need of making newspaper notes. It’s too bulky and  very difficult to revise. Coaching’s are doing the same thing for you.
  • Don’t watch farzinews analysis on youtube. It is a complete waste. Nothing good  comes out.
  • Don’t overdo current part. Static portion holds the key anytime.

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