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Significance of Weathering

significance of weathering ; Weathering denotes the process of wearing, breaking up, and fragmentation of the rock that creates the surface of the ground.....
What is weathering?
  • Weathering denotes the process of wearing, breaking up, and fragmentation of the rock that creates the surface of the ground and that remains exposed to the weather.
  • The process results from forces of weather like rain action, variations in temperature and frost action.
What are the types of Weathering ?

Weathering is classified into three types:

  1. Physical Weathering
  2. Chemical Weathering
  3. Biological Weathering
Significance of Weathering to Human Life
  • Weathering is the first stage of the formation of soil.
  • It produces many other natural resources, for example, clay which is used for making bricks.
  • Another significance of weathering is it weakens the rocks, making them easier for people to exploit and break, for example, by mining and quarrying.
  • Biodiversity, and Biomes are the result of vegetation, and forests rely upon the depth of weathering wraps.
  • Root penetration cannot happen if the rocks are not weathered.
  • It aids erosion, mass wasting, reduction of relief, and modifications in landforms.
  • Weathering of rocks helps in the augmentation and concentrations of some ores of manganese, aluminum, iron, copper, etc. which have a great demand in the economy of the country.

  • Rivers deposit and compact broken rock pieces and particles under great pressure, eventually transforming them into sediments. These sediments form various types of sedimentary rocks, such as sandstones and limestones.
  • Some weathered rocks, such as granite tors, are very interesting. As a result, they serve as a tourist attraction. The Bismarck rock in Mwanza, Tanzania, is one example.
  • Some of these rocks appear to be so one-of-a-kind that locals are baffled as to how they came to be. They’ve converted them into local shrines where people can make offerings.
  • Groundwater chemically or physically leaches particular materials from rocks when they undergo weathering.
  • There by the congregation of leftover valuable materials increases.
  • Without weathering, the concentration of the same valuable material may not be adequate and economically feasible to exploit process and refine.
  • This is as called enrichment.

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