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Non-Conforming Industrial Area Redevelopment Project

The Delhi government has set an ambitious target of creating 6,00,000 job opportunities through the redevelopment of non-conforming industrial areas.  

Creating Job Opportunities and Recognized Industrial Areas 

Furthermore, with the aim of generating substantial employment opportunities, the Kejriwal government is committed to transforming all 26 non-conforming industrial areas into recognized conforming industrial areas. By doing so, the government seeks to provide a conducive environment for businesses and workers to thrive.

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The Role of Delhi Development Authority 

The responsibility of demarcating land use for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes lies with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). However, due to the rapid expansion of activities, the DDA struggled to keep pace with development, leading to the emergence of unauthorized colonies and non-conforming industrial areas. The redevelopment plan aims to rectify this situation. 

Addressing Challenges and Ensuring Safety 

Non-conforming industrial areas face numerous challenges, including inadequate facilities such as water, electricity, waste treatment, and fire safety. These shortcomings have resulted in accidents and corrupt activities. By converting these areas into conforming industrial zones, the government aims to eliminate security concerns and provide a safe and upgraded environment for workers and entrepreneurs. 

Cost-Sharing Mechanism 

To facilitate the redevelopment process, the Delhi government has taken the significant step of bearing 90% of the total cost to prepare the layout plan for the industrial areas. The remaining 10% will be contributed by the industries, ensuring their active participation and commitment to the project’s success. 

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