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IPC – Most Important Cases


Very Important for PCS-J Cases

Compiled by : Roshani Singh, Faculty IAS NEXT

  1. IPC (Indian Penal Code)
  2. Kuldeep Kumar Mahato vs. State of Bihar – Rape
  3. Tukaram v. State of Maharashtra – Mathura Rape Case
  4. State v. Nalini – Rajeev Gandhi Murder Case
  5. Barendra Kumar Ghosh v. Emperor – Post Master Murder Case
  6. State of Maharashtra v. Sukh Deo Singh – General A.S. Vaidya Case
  7. R. V. Prince – Mens Rea
  8. Queen V. Tolson – Mens Rea
  9. Sherras v. De Rutzen – Mens Rea
  10. UOI v. Rabinder Singh – ‘Dishonestly’ & ‘Fraudulent’ discussed
  11. Mahboob Shah v. King Emperor – Diff. b/w common intention & similar intention.
  12. J.M. Desai v. State of Bombay – Principle of joint liability based on common intention.
  13. R. v. Prince– Mistake of fact
  14. R. v. Tolson- Mistake of Fact
  15. Basdev v. State of Pepsu – Self Intoxication
  16. Mc. Naughten case – Unsoundness of mind
  17. Jaidev v. State – Right of Private Defence
  18. Director of Public Prosecution v. Beard – Defence of Intoxication
  19. Kehar Singh v. Delhi – Criminal Conspiracy
  20. Nawab Ali v. State of U.P. – Mistake of fact
  21. Vishwanath v. State of U.P. – Private Defence
  22. Russel v. Russel – Cruelty
  23. R. v. Hugging – Vicarious Liability
  24. P. Rathinam v. UOI – S. 309 of IPC violative of Article 21
  25. Gian Kaur v. State of Punjab – Attempt to Commit suicide
  26. Bachan Singh v. State of Punjab – Death Sentence should be awarded in Rarest of rare Cases.
  27. Prem Shankar v. Delhi Admin. – Right Against handcuffing
  28. Reg. v. Govinda – Diff. b/w 299 & 300
  29. K. M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra – Grave & Sudden Provocation.
  30. R. v. Dudley & Stephen – Necessity
  31. Laxmi v. UOI – Acid Attack
  32. Ulla v. King -Leading case on Section 83
  33. Omkar Prasad Verma v. State of M.P. – Custody
  34. Rex. V. Levett – Mistake of fact
  35. Tabu Chetia v. State of Assam – Insanity
  36. Vijayam v. State of Kerala – Criminal Conspiracy
  37. State of U.P. v. Virendra Prasad – Murder
  38. Sarla Mudgal v. UOI – Bigamy
  39. State of Rajasthan v. Om Prakash– Criminal Attempt
  40. Vishakha v. State of Rajasthan – Sexual Harassment
  41. Mithu Singh v. State of Punjab – Sec. 309 of IPC ultravires of Constitution.
  42. R. v. Goodball – Attempt to do Impossible Act
  43. Kamlesh Panjiyar v. State of Bihar – Dowry Death
  44. Kundalabala v. State of A.P. – Dowry Death
  45. Prem Singh v. State of Haryana- Dacoity
  46. Sonu Sardar v. State of Chhattisgarh – Dacoity
  47. Yusuf Abdul Aziz v. State of Bombay – Adultery
  48. J.M. Desai v. State of Bombay – Criminal Breach of Trust
  49. V. C. Shukla v. State – Conspiracy
  50. Suresh Kaushal v. Naz Foundation – S.377 Ultravires
  51. Nga Tun Kaing case – Child of 12 years Can be convicted of rape in India.
  52. Navtej Singh Johar vs Union Of India Ministry Of Law And…
  53. Amish Devgan v. Union of India (2021) – Section 95 trivial nature
  54. Mohd. Anwar v. State (NCT of Delhi ) ( 2020) – Unsoundness of mind, s 84
  55. Suraj Jagannath Jadhav v. State of Maharashtra (2020) – Defence of intoxication
  56. Paul v. State of Kerala (2020) – Voluntary Intoxication, presumption of knowledge
  57. Rajendra v. State (NCT of Delhi) 2019 – Criminal Conspiracy
  58. State (NCT of Delhi) v. Shiv Charan Bansal, 2020 – Conspiracy is mostly proved by circumstantial evidence. 
  59. Mala Singh v. State of Haryana, 2019 – SC observed while convicting accused under section 34 when charged under section 149, ‘common intention’ must be proved. 
  60. Arvind Singh v. State of Maharashtra, 2021 – To apply Section 34 common intention must.
  61. Balvir Singh v. State of M.P., 2019 – To invoke sec 34 common intention by two or more must be proved.
  62. Chellappa v. State, 2020 – section 34 is not a substantive offence.
  63. Lakshman Singh v. State of Bihar, 2021 – Rioting 
  64. Girish Singh v. State of Uttrakhand, 2019 – Dowry Death
  65. State of M.P. v. Kalyan Singh & others. – Attempt to murder, non- compoundable offence. 
  66. State of U.P. v. Faquirey – Exception to section 300
  67. Anurag Soni v. State of Chhattisgarh, 2019 – Consent on false pretend does not excuse from offence of rape.
  68. Stalin v. State , 2020 – Nature of injury to cause Murder.
  69. Gurmeet Singh v. State of Punjab, 2021– words ‘soon before’ does not means ‘immediately before’ under section 304 B
  70. Shaik Ahmed v. State of Telangana, 2021 – kidnapping for ransom
  71. Mohd. Rafiq& Kallu v. State of MP., 2021 – Difference between Culpable homicide and Murder
  72. Phool Singh v. State of MP, 2021 – Rape accused can be convicted on sole testimony of prosecutrix if credible and trustworthy.
  73. Ganesan v. State, 2021– Dacoity
  74. Satbir Singh v. State of Haryana, 2021 – Once all essentials of 304B established the presumption under section 113B mandatorily operates 
  75. Satish Chandra Ratalal Shah v. State of Gujarat, 2019 – Cheating 
  76. on 8 January, 2018 On 6th September, 2018 the five-judge Bench partially struck down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, decriminalizing same-sex relations between consenting adults. LGBT individuals are now legally allowed to engage in consensual Intercourse. The Court has upheld provisions in Section 377 that criminalize non-consensual acts or sexual acts performed on animals.
  77. Joseph Shine vs Union of India on 27 September, 2018 -Section 497 is struck down as unconstitutional Being violative of Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution.


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