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World Bicycle Day – 3 June

This day came into existence in April 2018, when the United Nations announced that every June 3 will be celebrated as World Bicycle Day.

The United Nations announced in April 2018 that every June 3 would be celebrated as World Bicycle Day, bringing this day into existence. The versatility and convenience of a bicycle are unparalleled. On Bicycle Day, people are encouraged to choose bicycles as their preferred mode of transportation to stay healthy.

An Overview of the News

  • The day recognizes the bicycle as a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally sustainable means of transportation.
  • The theme for World Bicycle Day 2023 is “Riding together for a sustainable future”.
  • The theme emphasises the collective efforts needed to promote a sustainable future through the use of bicycles.

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History of World Bicycle Day

  • The day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of Karl von Drais’ invention of the bicycle on 3 June 1817.
  • The United Nations General Assembly established World Bicycle Day on June 3, 2018, following the adoption of a resolution during its 72nd regular session in April.
  • The United Nations recognizes the bicycle as a direct, cost-effective, reliable, eco-friendly and sustainable means of transportation.

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Theme Of World Bicycle Day

The theme of Bicycle Day changes every year. In 2021, the theme was “Uniqueness, versatility, and longevity of the bicycle as a simple, sustainable, economical, and reliable mode of transportation”. The United Nations is yet to announce the theme for World Bicycle Day 2023.

Today, when most of the population is dealing with different health issues, it is crucial for us to celebrate a day like Bicycle Day. The day focuses on the importance of bicycles and how they can contribute to building a healthy and sustainable future.

World Bicycle Day Significance

People celebrate June 3 as Bicycle Day every year. The United Nations has shared some significance of celebrating this day at an international level.

  • On World Bicycle Day, the UN urges its Member States to improve road safety and integrate it into the planning and construction of sustainable mobility and transportation infrastructure.
  • Additionally, the resolution suggests protecting and promoting pedestrian safety and cycling mobility to improve health outcomes.
  • Bicycle Day urges the Member States to adopt best practices and methods for promoting bicycle use among all members of society.
  • On this day, people organize bicycle rides at the national and local levels to improve physical and mental health and well-being.
  • World Bicycle Day also motivates different nations to teach strategies that will promote bicycle riding in their respective economies.
  • The United Nations also announces a new World Bicycle Day theme every year.

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