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Introduction to Economics

National Income accounting

Government budgeting

The Reserve bank of India and
monetary management


  • Definition of Inflation
  • Types of Inflation
  • Factors causing Inflation
  • Indicators used to measure Inflation
  • Effect of Inflation in Indian economy
  • Inflation Targeting in India
  • Pros and cons of Inflation targeting in India
  • Various other methods of combating Inflation
  • Government steps to control inflation
  • Present trend of Inflation in the economy

Taxation system in India

  • Definition of Taxation
  • Objectives behind Taxation
  • Types of taxes
  • Description of various types of taxes in India
    • Direct taxes in India
    • Indirect taxes in India
  • Major taxation related reforms introduced in recent times
  • Trend of tax collection in India
  • Issues associated with taxation system in India
  • Measures suggested/recommendations made to address issues associated with taxation system in India

Indian financial system: Commercial
Banking system

  • Historical evolution of banking system in India
  • Functions of banks in an economy
  • Classification of Banks in India
    • Scheduled banks
    • Non-scheduled banks
  • Nationalization of banks
  • Narasimhan committee recommendation on Banking sector
  • Banking reforms introduced in India in recent times
  • Issues associated with banking system in India
  • Way Forward : Fifth Generation Banking

Indian financial system-II: Money and
capital market in India

  • Definition of Money Market and Capital Market
  • Importance of Money Market and Capital Market for an Economy
    • Importance of Money Market for an Economy
    • Importance of Capital Market for an Economy
  • Money Market Instruments
    • Unorganised Money Market
    • Organised Money Market
  • Regulatory framework of Indian money market
  • Money Market Reforms
  • Types of Capital Market
    • Gilt-Edged Market
    • The Industrial Securities Market
    • Development Financial Institutions
    • Financial Intermediaries
  • Stock exchanges in India
    • Historical evolution of stock market in India
    • Importance of stock exchanges
    • Various stock exchanges in India
  • Regulatory framework of Capital Market in India
  • Capital Market Reforms
    • Primary Market Reforms In India
    • Secondary Market Reforms
  • Recommendations for Further Improving Capital Market in India
  • Issues / Challenges related to Money Market in India

Investment models

  • Definition of investment
  • Importance of investment for an economy
  • Classification of investment
  • Factors affecting investment
  • Various investment models
    • Public investment model
    • Private investment model
    • Public private partnership model
  • Issues associated with PPP model
  • Reforms undertaken to better PPP model in recent times
  • Some investment models used in India since independence
    • Harrod-Domar model
    • Solow Swan model
    • Feldman- Mahalanobis model
    • Rao- Manmohan model
  • Investment models used in India since Independence


  • Relationship between infrastructure and economic development
  • Energy
    • Coal
    • Petroleum and Natural Gas
    • Alternate sources of energy
  • Power
  • Transport system in India’s economic development
  • Growth in Indian railways
  • Roads and road transport system in India
  • Water transport in India
  • Civil Aviation in India
  • Communication Infrastructure in India
  • Urban infrastructure
  • Infrastructural reforms taken in the above sectors
  • An objective analysis of the present infrastructure in the country
  • Measures to further improve infrastructure in the country
  • Social Infrastructure
    • Concept of social sector and social infrastructure
    • Development of Education In India
    • Health and Family Welfare and The Development of Health Infrastructure


  • Indian agriculture at the time of independence
  • Land reforms
  • Indian agriculture under the five year plans
  • Food security in India
  • Organization of agricultural credit in India
  • Agriculture Marketing and Warehousing
  • Agricultural labour
  • Agriculture and Food processing industries
  • Indian agriculture in the present times
    • Growth trajectory
    • Issues plaguing Indian agriculture
    • Programmes and policies introduced in India in recent times to address the issues
    • Some more measures or recommendations made by the committee to improve agricultural growth in India

Indian industries and
economic growth

  • Indian industry at the eve of independence
  • Industrial growth under five year planning
  • Major Industrial policies introduced in India since independence
  • Basic characteristics of Indian industries in the present times
  • Measures taken in recent times to increase the industrial growth in the country
  • Issues plaguing industrial growth in India despite the measures
  • Suggestions and recommendations given by various committees to increase the industrial growth in the country

Foreign trade and
International organizations

  • Present foreign trade of India
  • Foreign trade policies
  • Impact of globalization on Indian economy
  • India’s balance of payments
  • GATT, WTO and India’s foreign trade
  • IMF and World Bank
  • Recent reforms taken by Indian in this domain

Poverty and unemployment

  • Poverty
    • Definition of Poverty
    • Classification of Poverty
    • Poverty in India at the eve of Independence
    • Various Methodologies Proposed by Various Committees for Calculation of Poverty
    • Poverty Alleviation Programmes since Independence
    • Impact of LPG reform on reducing poverty in India
    • Reasons why poverty still exists in India
    • Actions required to address the above issues
  • Unemployment
    • Definition of Unemployment
    • Types of unemployment
    • Measurement of Unemployment in India
    • Unemployment Trends in India
    • Causes of unemployment in India
    • Programmes, policies and measures taken to address Unemployment in India since Independence
    • Objective Analysis of Unemployment schemes in India
    • Measures required to reduce the current unemployment rate in India
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