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Need for mobilizing resource in an economy

Need for mobilizing resource

Resources are needed for every type of economy, whether it is a police state or a democratic welfare state. Every economy strives to fulfil some basic needs and aspirations of its citizen and for that it does following works:

  • Diversifies and expand resources
  • Formulates an independent budget (fund)
  • Allows spending and utilization of resources
  • Minimize dependency on others
  • Sustains the nation and its policies
  • Maximize use of domestic capital and skills
  • Expand relations Fulfil responsibility

In Police state, resources are also mobilized to fulfil some functions such as:

  • In a society where a single party typically governs, significant resources are essential for the state’s maintenance. This often involves a substantial role for the military, necessitating resource mobilization for a robust defense apparatus. The control of communication is crucial, demanding further resource allocation. Additionally, instilling fear in citizens requires ongoing resource mobilization efforts.
  • Contrastingly, in a democratic welfare state, resource mobilization serves a different purpose, focusing on the well-being of citizens. Social security is paramount, and the government actively participates in economic control and social welfare, necessitating resource allocation.
  • Embodying socialist principles, a welfare state prioritizes equality and strives to provide equal opportunities while regulating private enterprises. Basic facilities such as education, healthcare, transportation, housing, and financial aid are considered the government’s responsibility. The state also engages in operating various enterprises to fulfill societal needs.
  • Ensuring justice for all is a fundamental duty of a welfare state, particularly in its interactions with citizens. This involves overseeing administrative processes, controlling authorities, and executives of public sector undertakings, with a commitment to justice and meeting people’s requirements.
  • Regulation of private enterprises, encompassing aspects like registration, licensing, and taxation, falls under the purview of a welfare state. Additionally, safeguarding the welfare of laborers through legislation to prevent exploitation and ensure their security is an integral responsibility.
  • In essence, all these facets, whether directly or indirectly related, underscore the critical importance of resource mobilization in the functioning of any welfare state.

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