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Measuring Inclusive Growth

Measuring Inclusive Growth (1)

Understanding inclusive growth goes beyond just looking at traditional economic measures. To really get a grasp on it, we need to consider a variety of indicators. Here are some ways people measure inclusive growth:

Inclusive Development Index (IDI): This index looks at how well a country is growing economically while making sure that the benefits of that growth are shared by everyone. It checks if the development is inclusive, considering factors like fairness and equal opportunities for all.

Social Progress Index (SPI): Instead of just looking at the economy, this index gives us a broader picture of how well a country is doing overall. It considers things like whether people’s basic needs are met and if they have opportunities for a good life. It’s like a well-being report card for a country.

Global Slavery Index: This index shines a light on a serious issue – modern slavery. It helps us understand where and why slavery still exists in the world today. By focusing on this problem, it points out areas that need attention to make sure everyone can benefit from growth without exploitation.

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