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World Economic Forum on social inclusion and economic growth

World Economic

World Economic Forum has come up with three down-to-earth ways for countries to make everyone feel more included and boost both their economic growth and social inclusion. Discover three ways countries can boost economic growth and social inclusion, according to the World Economic Forum. Learn how investment, labour regulations and public and private investment can help.

  • Firstly, governments should develop the capacity of their citizens in public and private investment, and that is the most essential way of sustainably increasing the pace of growth in productivity.
  • Secondly, governments should modernize national labour regulations and institutions cooperation with employers and workers groups. This affects the amount and distribution of employment and remuneration opportunities, hence the purchasing power level and aggregate demand in the economy.
  • Third, governments should enhance public and private investment to provide broader social benefits in labour-intensive economic sectors. These include sustainable infrastructure for water, electricity, digital infrastructure, transport, healthcare, rural economy, education, and training.

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