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UNDP and DAY-NULM Collaborate to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

The UNDP and DAY-NULM have partnered to empower women in entrepreneurship, providing support for starting or expanding their enterprises in various sectors.


UNDP and DAY-NULM partnership will play a pivotal role in enabling women to make informed choices regarding their career paths. Through a comprehensive range of initiatives, this collaboration seeks to provide women with the necessary resources, guidance, and opportunities to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. By offering targeted support, such as training programs, mentorship opportunities, and access to financing options, the partnership aims to empower women entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and maximize their chances of success.

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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Key Sectors Economic Growth

The UNDP and DAY-NULM partnership will particularly focus on empowering women in sectors such as the care economy, digital economy, electric mobility, waste management, food packaging, and more. Recognizing the potential of these sectors in driving economic growth and sustainable development, the project will span over three years, with the possibility of extension beyond 2025. Initially, the project will cover eight cities, leveraging UNDP’s experience in connecting over 200,000 women with better employment opportunities.

National-Level Capacity Building

One of the core aspects of the partnership will be the provision of national-level capacity building support by UNDP to DAY-NULM. This support will involve knowledge generation and management, including the compilation of compendiums of best practices related to urban poverty. These resources will enhance the implementation of national-level schemes, ensuring that women entrepreneurs have access to valuable information and tools to succeed in their ventures.

Piloting Innovative Solutions

UNDP and DAY-NULM will collaborate on piloting innovative solutions, particularly in the care economy domain. Drawing on their extensive sectoral expertise, both organizations will work together to develop and test new approaches and strategies that address the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in these sectors. By fostering innovation, the partnership aims to create an enabling environment for women to thrive and succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

On-Ground Mobilization and Business Development Support

The partnership will involve on-ground mobilization activities, including identifying areas of urban poverty and potential entrepreneurs. UNDP and DAY-NULM will facilitate access to Business Development Services, providing handholding support to help women formalize their businesses, establish bank linkages, secure access to finance and markets. These comprehensive support services will play a vital role in empowering women entrepreneurs and ensuring the sustainability and growth of their enterprises.

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