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Private Member’s Bill

Any Member of Parliament (MP) who is not a minister is referred to as a private member.

Any Member of Parliament (MP) who is not a minister is referred to as a private member.

The purpose of a private member’s bill is to draw the government’s attention to what individual MPs see as issues and gaps in the existing legal framework, which require legislative intervention.

Thus, it reflects the stand of the opposition party on public matters.

Its drafting is the responsibility of the member concerned.

Its introduction in the House requires one month’s notice.

Government bills can be introduced and discussed on any day, and private members’ bills can be introduced and discussed only on Fridays.

Its rejection by the House has no implication on the parliamentary confidence in the government or its resignation.

Upon conclusion of the discussion, the member piloting the bill can either withdraw it on the request of the minister concerned, or he may choose to press ahead with its passage.

The last time a private member’s bill was passed by both Houses was in 1970.

It was the Supreme Court (Enlargement of Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction) Bill, of 1968.

14 private member’s bills — five of which were introduced in Rajya Sabha — have become law so far.Some other private member bills that have become laws include-

Proceedings of Legislature (Protection of Publication) Bill, 1956, in the Lok Sabha;

The Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament (Amendment) Bill, 1964, introduced by the Lok Sabha and

The Indian Penal Code (Amendment) Bill, 1967 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha.

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