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Operation Kaveri: Sudan Crisis

The central government has launched ‘Operation Kaveri’ to bring back stranded Indians from conflict-ridden Sudan...

The central government has launched ‘Operation Kaveri’ to bring back stranded Indians from conflict-ridden Sudan.

What is Operation Kaveri?

It is a rescue operation being carried out by the Indian Government to bring back Indian citizens stranded in Sudan.

According to the official data, the number of Indians in Sudan is around 4,000.

As part of the operation, two C-130 aircraft and the navy ship INS Sumedha is on standby to safely evacuate stranded Indians.

What is the need for evacuation?

 Sudan has been witnessing deadly fighting between the country’s army and a paramilitary group, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) that has reportedly left several hundred’s dead.

What is the Cause of fighting?

 It was triggered by disagreement over an internationally backed plan to form a new civilian government four years after the fall of autocrat Omar al-Bashir and two years after the military coup. Both sides accuse the other of thwarting the transition.

What are some Key facts about Sudan?

It is located in northeastern Africa.

It is bounded on the north by Egypt, on the east by the Red Sea, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, on the south by South Sudan, on the west by the Central African Republic and Chad, and on the northwest by Libya.

Capital: Khartoum

Sudan is mainly composed of vast plains and plateaus that are drained by the Nile River and its tributaries.

The country is dominated by Muslims, most of whom speak Arabic and identify themselves as “Arabs.

Arabic is the primary language of much of the population and is the most common medium for the conduct of government, commerce, and urban life throughout the country.

What are some similar operations like OperationKaveri?

Operation Poomalai(Eagle Mission 4)- It was a mission undertaken by the Indian Air Force on 4 June 1987 to airdrop supplies over the besieged town of Jaffna in Sri Lanka to support the Tamil Tigers during the Sri Lankan Civil War.

Operation Sukoon (2006)-As Israel and Lebanon broke into military conflict in July 2006, India rescued its stranded citizens by launching this operation, which is now famously known as the ‘Beirut Sealift’.

Operation Safe Homecoming (2011)- To bring back Indian citizens stranded in conflict-torn Libya.

Operation Maitri (2015)– It is the joint relief and rescue operation by the Indian government and the Indian Armed forces in the aftershock of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Operation Raahat (2015)-Under Operation Raahat, India evacuated nearly 5,600 people from Yemen.

Operation Sankat Mochan (2016)-The Indian Air Force conducted Operation Sankat Mochan to evacuate Indian citizens and other foreign nationals from South Sudan.

Operation Insaniyat(2017)- Due to the large influx of Myanmar refugees into Bangladesh, India’s Ministry of External Affairs launched Operation Insaniyat to assist Bangladesh in overcoming the humanitarian crisis.

Operation Nistar (2018)-It is an Indian Naval operation to evacuate 38 Indian nationals from Yemen’s cyclone-ravaged Socotra island.

Operation Samudra Setu (2020)-It was a naval operation as part of the national effort to bring home Indian citizens from overseas during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vande Bharat Mission- It was launched in 2020 to bring back Indian citizens stranded in foreign countries when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world.

Operation Devi Shakti(2021)- To evacuate Indian citizens and foreign nationals from Afghanistan after the collapse of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul, the capital city, to the Taliban.

Operation Ganga(2022)-To evacuate Indian citizens from Ukraine.

Operation Dost(2023)- India sent rescue and relief materials to an earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria under this.

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