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Paytm Collaborates with Arunachal Pradesh to Foster Startup Ecosystem

Arunachal Pradesh Innovation and Investment Park and PPSL relationship is an important milestone in the creation of a supportive environment for businesses in that state.

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Arunachal Pradesh Innovation and Investment Park (APIIP) and Paytm Payment Services Limited (PPSL) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to create a thriving startup environment for the region’s young people. The alliance aims to foster entrepreneurship and support start-up businesses in their first phases of growth.

Discounted Products and Free Credits for Startups

According to the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding, the Paytm Incubation Centre would offer its goods at a reduced cost to early-stage entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the collaboration will offer young entrepreneurs valuable support in the form of free credits through the Paytm Startup Toolkit, aiding them during the crucial early stages of their company’s operations. The expansion of the startup ecosystem in Arunachal Pradesh is anticipated to be facilitated by these activities.

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Paytm’s Commitment to Empowering Entrepreneurs

A Paytm Payment Services spokesperson expressed enthusiasm for partnering with the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to foster a thriving startup ecosystem through the Paytm Incubation Center, offering young entrepreneurs access to customers, funding, and improved facilities.

Enabling Digital Expansion and Seamless Integration

By seamlessly combining payment, branding, and commerce solutions, Paytm’s complete platform enables the growth of enterprises’ online presence. Paytm, India’s top payment app, has driven the nationwide surge in mobile QR payments, providing diverse financial services to users and traders, including small businesses.

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