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Classification Of Plateaus

A Plateau is a flat land, it is flat-topped land standing above the surrounding area. It is elevated from the surrounding...Classification Of Plateaus.

A Plateau is a flat land, it is flat-topped land standing above the surrounding area. It is elevated from the surrounding area but flat on the top-like table structure.

On the basis of their geographical location and structure of rocks, the plateaus can be classified as:

  1. Intermontane Plateaus
  2. Piedmont plateaus
  3. Continental plateaus
  4. Volcanic plateaus
  5. Dissected plateaus

Intermontane Plateaus

intermontane plateau
  • The plateaus which are bordering the mountain ranges (generally fold mountains) or are partly or fully enclosed within them are the intermontane plateaus.
  • The word ‘intermontane’ means ‘between mountains’.
  • Intermontane plateaus are the highest in the world.
  • They have nearly horizontal rock layers which are raised to very heights by vertical movements of the earth.
  • Examples: The Plateau of Tibet is an example of the intermontane plateau which is surrounded by the fold mountains like the Himalayas, the Karakoram, the Kunlun and the Tien Shah.

Piedmont Plateaus

piedmont plateau
  • Plateaus which is situated at the foot of a mountain and is locked on the other side by a plain or a sea/ ocean is called as a piedmont plateau.
  • The word ‘piedmont’ means ‘foot of a mountain’.
  • They are also called as Plateaus of denudation as the areas once were high to the level of mountains, have now been reduced to the foot level of the mountain by various agents of erosion.
  • Examples: The Malwa Plateau is an example of piedmont plateau.

Continental Plateaus

continental plateau
  • They are formed either by an extensive continental upliftment or by the spread of horizontal basic lava (less viscous) sheets completely covering the original topography.
  • This kind of plateaus shows an abrupt elevation in contrast to the nearby lowland or sea (i.e. more steepness on sides).
  • The Continental Plateaus are also known as Plateaus of Accumulation.
  • Examples: Plateau of Maharashtra is an example of the continental plateau.

Volcanic Plateaus

  • volcanic plateau is a plateau produced by volcanic activity.
    • There are two main types: lava plateaus and pyroclastic plateaus.
      • Lava plateaus are formed by highly fluid basaltic lava during numerous successive eruptions through numerous vents without violent explosions.
      • Pyroclastic volcanic plateaus are produced by massive pyroclastic flows and they are underlain by pyroclastic rocks.
Volcanic Plateaus

Dissected Plateaus

  • dissected plateau is a plateau area that has been severely eroded so that the relief is sharp. Such an area may appear as mountainous.
  • Dissected plateaus are distinguishable from orogenic mountain belts by the lack of folding, metamorphism, extensive faulting, or magmatic activity that accompanies orogeny (mountain building).
Dissected Plateaus

Classification Of Plateaus,Classification Of Plateaus

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