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The Integrated Air Defence Weapon System for the Delhi region, which is based on NASAMS-II, is crafted to shield against aircraft and cruise missiles, though it’s not specifically geared toward countering ballistic missiles. Progress on this system has been sluggish, partly due to its hefty price tag, nearly twice the $1 billion initially budgeted by India for procurement.

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  • It is a medium-range ground-based air defense system.
  • It is designed to engage air targets at low and medium altitudes in all weather conditions.
  • It was designed and developed jointly by Raytheon (United States) and Kongsberg Defence&Aerospace (Norway).
  • It is used by Norway, the United States, Canada, Chile, Finland, Indonesia, Netherlands, Oman, Qatar, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine.
  • It is best suited to defend important stationary assets, such as key military assets, infrastructure, or cities.
  • It has been integrated into the S. National Capital Region’s air defense system since 2005. 


  • It is the world’s first networked short- and medium-range air defense system that could integrate with other equipment and air defense systems.
  • It features an X-Band, 360-degree phased array air defense radar with a 75-kilometer (approximately 47-mile) range to identify targets.
  • The NASAMS is armed with three launchers, each carrying up to six missiles.
  • The system can engage 72 targets simultaneously in active and passive modes.
  • It uses AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles, which have been modified for ground launch and have an engagement range of about 30 kilometers.

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