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Interview Questions for UP Judiciary 2023

Interview Questions

Applicants who have applied for the UP Judicial Services Exam should familiarize themselves with the interview questions that are posed by the authorities upon successfully clearing the UP Judiciary Mains Exam. Explore this article to gain insight into the diverse array of questions presented during the UP Judiciary Interview by the UP High Court officials.

UP Judiciary Interview Questions

  • The UP Judiciary Selection Process involves three key stages: Prelims ExamMains Exam, and the Interview Process (Vice-Voce).
  • Upon successfully passing the Prelims and Mains Exam, candidates receive an invitation for the last phase of the UP Judiciary exam, namely the Vice-Voce.
  • Candidates should note that authorities will not send physical postcards. Instead, applicants are required to frequently check the official website of the UP High Court for the most recent updates.

UP Judicial Services Interview Questions 2023

Discover the UP PCS J Interview Questions that are commonly posed in the UP Judiciary Exam. These points are intended for candidates who are actively preparing for the UP Judiciary Exam. The provided questions encompass a blend of current affairs and legal topics. Don’t forget to explore the UP Civil Judge Salary Details as well.

  1. Give your Introduction and tell from where you did the law course & in which year?
  2. Your ideal person? And why mention the name of all torts, you know?
  3. Explain Strict Liability?
  4. Name one of your favorite laws and give the reason?
  5. Explain and Give an Example of section 6 of the Indian Evidence Act.
  6. Establishment year of Allahabad High Court?
  7. Ram Rahim, Asharam, or Radhe Maa. Which person you like the most and why?
  8. What is the total number of High Courts in India?
  9. Explain the Arms Act.
  10. Explain Teen Talaq.
  11. Questions related to Hindi Literature.
  12. Name of the writer of any famous book.
  13. What do you know about the Indian Constitution and IPS? Explain the Pros and Cons.
  14. Explain WRIT.

UP PCS Judiciary Interview Questions 2023

Have a look at the Interview Questions For UP Judiciary for reference to prepare for the exam more efficiently. Below we are mentioning questions asked on the LAW.

  1. What is the difference between right, fundamental right, legal right, and constitutional right? Or is there any other exception to Human rights?
  2. Tell about the recent judgment taken on Section 13 B (2) of the Hindu Marriage Act.
  3. Explain the Protest Petition.
  4. Tell the brief about the Nanavati case and facts.
  5. How do you explain Justice?
  6. Explain about the Ground of Eviction and Mutation Proceeding in the case of rent control.
  7. How many rules of Law do you know? Tell any three.
  8. Explain and tell the difference in the injunction and stay, compensation and damages, trial on the police report, counterclaim and setoff, and otherwise than the police report.

UP Judicial Services Interview Questions with Answers

Go down to check the UP Judiciary Interview Questions with Answers. From these questions, aspirants will get an idea about the UP Civil Judge Interview Questions asked by the Interviewer.

Ques: Name any two Directive Principles of State Policy?

Ans- Organization of Panchayats and Uniform Civil Code for the citizens

Ques: Can a Hindu man take a second wife with the written consent of his first wife?

Ans- No, there is no law like this for Hindu Religion.

Ques: To which class I or II of the Schedule prescribed in the Hindu Succession Act (1956) does ‘Father’ belong?

Ans- Father is a successor in Class II.

Ques: Who is a Sajjadanashin?

Ans- Sajjadanashin is Incharge of Khankah.

Ques: Explain Res gestae?

Ans- Facts so united with a fact in issue as to form part of the corresponding transaction is known as res gestae.

Ques: Can a mere right to sue to be transferred?

Ans- No

Ques: What are the types of notice?

Ans- Constructive Notice and Direct Notice.

Ques: Which court can exercise its inherent powers under section 482 CrPC?

Ans- Only High Court

Preparation Tips for UP Judiciary Interview Questions

  • To start preparing for the exam, candidates should know the UP Judiciary Syllabus and Exam Pattern to understand the topics and level of the exam.
  • To prepare for the UP Judicial Services Interview Questions, applicants must be updated with the current affairs, especially the editorial section.
  • Start with the Indian Constitution (Law of the Land). Prepare and learn it.
  • Please make a note of all Bare Acts and start understanding them one-by-by with provisions.
  • Read Magazines and Daily News Papers.
  • Learn about the Laws like- Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act, Local Laws consist of Real Estate, Jurisprudence, Civil Procedure Code, etc.
  • Solve UP Judiciary Mock Test Series regularly, which helps to learn the laws by heart.
  • Make a revision and clear the doubts regularly.
  • Start solving previous year question papers to know Interview Questions For UP Judiciary.

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