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Madhav National Park, Shivpuri (MP)

Madhav National Park is situated in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh in the Shivpuri district, Madhav National Park, Shivpuri (MP)..

Madhav National Park is situated in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh in the Shivpuri district, very close to the Shivpuri township. It was notified as a National Park in the year 1958.

About Madhav National Park

  • It is situated near Shivpuri town in Shivpuri District, which lies in the northwest region of Madhya Pradesh.
  • It lies on the northern fringe of the Central Highlands of India, forming a part of the Upper Vindhyan Hills intermixed with plateaus and valley sections.
  • It was named after Madho Rao Scindia, the Maharaja of Gwalior belonging to the Scindia dynasty of the Marathas.
  • The Park was the hunting ground of Mughal emperors and Maharaja of Gwalior.
  • It got the status of a National Park in 1958
  • The Sakhya and Madhav Sagar lakes are two of the most critical zones of the park and are always surrounded by animals and birds seeking relief from the heat.
  • The Park is gifted with a diverse ecosystem comprising lakes, forests, and grasslands.

Flora and Fauna

The varied landscape of forested hills and flat grasslands, makes this park a unique place to spot a rich variety of avian species, mammals, and other wild animals. Some of the prominent flora of this park includes Dhawda, Palash, Khair, Kerdhai, and Salai. Madhav National Park offers tourists wide opportunities to sight popular animals like tiger, leopard, striped hyenas, common langur, blackbuck, jackals, sambhars, nilgai, and sloth bears.

More About Madhav Shivpuri National Park

The Park at present is dealing with displacement and rehabilitation issues. This has become a cause of concern as the Park is home to Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). These people were made to relocate from the region under the plan to allot agricultural land to 100 tribal families as a part of the rehabilitation policy endorsed by the authorities in the year 1999. Legalities regarding the same are still underway. 

Apart from this, candidates must also know about the other National Parks in Madhya Pradesh. The list for the same is given below:

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  2. Pench National Park
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  4. Kuno National Park
  5. Panna National Park
  6. Sanjay National Park
  7. Satpura National Park 
  8. Van Vihar National Park

Sights and facilities

On the shores of Sakhya Sagar lake which edges the forests, is a boat club, from where the park visitors can see a number of migratory birds especially in winter, when many migratory waterfowls visit the area. A viewing lodge constructed by the Maharaja called the Shooting Box, is situated above the Sakhya Sagar lake. In the older days one could shoot wildlife, both with a gun and camera from here. Visitors could sit under cover and watch a tiger at a kill. All around the lake (at suitable points), the Maharaja constructed boat landing areas, picnic shelters, watch towers, hides, etc. and a network of well laid out metalled roads.

frequently asked questions about Madhav National Park

Where is Madhav National Park located?

Madhav National Park is located near Shivpuri town in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It lies in the northwest region of Madhya Pradesh and is a part of the Upper Vindhyan Hills.

When was Madhav National Park established?

Madhav National Park was notified as a national park in the year 1958.

What is the significance of Sakhya and Madhav Sagar lakes in Madhav National Park?

Sakhya and Madhav Sagar lakes are two important zones within Madhav National Park. These lakes serve as crucial water sources and attract a variety of animals and birds, especially during hot weather.

What kind of flora can be found in Madhav National Park?

The park boasts a diverse ecosystem consisting of forests, grasslands, and lakes. Some of the prominent flora found in Madhav National Park includes Dhawda, Palash, Khair, Kerdhai, and Salai.

What are the popular wildlife species found in Madhav National Park?

Madhav National Park is home to a variety of wildlife species. Visitors have the opportunity to spot animals such as tigers, leopards, striped hyenas, common langurs, blackbucks, jackals, sambhars, nilgai, and sloth bears.

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