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International Day of the Tropics 2023

International Day of the Tropics

It is customary to celebrate International Day of the Tropics on June 29. Its goal is to honour the remarkable diversity of the tropics while highlighting the unique difficulties.

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Every year on June 29, people celebrate International Day of the Tropics. Its goal is to recognise the incredible diversity of the tropics while throwing greater light on the unique possibilities and difficulties that tropical regions confront. The International Day of the Tropics is marked on June 29 all around the world to increase awareness of the unique challenges faced by tropical nations at all levels, as well as the consequences and problems impacting the world’s tropical areas.

Significance of International Day of the Tropic

The International Day of the Tropics highlights the special possibilities and difficulties that nations in the Tropics confront while also honouring the incredible variety of the tropics. It offers a chance to assess progress made throughout the tropics, to exchange information and stories about the region, and to recognise the richness and promise of the area.

The region of the Earth known as the Tropics is roughly the space between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Tropical regions typically have mild climates with minimal day-to-day temperature variation, influenced by terrain and other factors. Rainfall is common in the humid inner regions near the equator, while increasing latitude leads to more seasonal rainfall, highlighting a key characteristic of the Tropics.

History of International Day of the Tropics

Twelve top tropical research institutes partnered to release the first State of the Tropics Report on June 29, 2014. The study provides a special viewpoint on this area that is becoming more and more significant. The United Nations General Assembly passed resolution A/RES/70/267 in 2016 to commemorate the publication anniversary of the report, designating June 29 as International Day of the Tropics.

The International Day of the Tropics aims to focus attention on the distinct challenges confronted by tropical regions, highlight the extensive impact of issues affecting the global tropical zone, and underscore the imperative of raising awareness and emphasizing the vital role that tropical nations will assume in global development across all levels.

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