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India – UAE Cooperation on Regional Food Security

The India­ UAE food security partnership stands to benefit from multiple points of convergence.

The India­ UAE food security partnership stands to benefit from multiple points of convergence.

Key Highlights:

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been a key importer of food from global markets to meet its food needs.
  • However, in recent years, the UAE has been focusing on improving food access and readiness to handle supply chain crises.
  • India, as the world’s second-largest food producer, has emerged as an important partner for the UAE to strengthen its food security.
  • The India-UAE food security partnership has multiple points of convergence that can benefit both countries.

Benefits of India – UAE Cooperation for Food Security:

Construction of Food Parks: 
  • The UAE promised $2 billion in investment during the I2U2 summit in July 2020 for the development of food parks in India. This investment will help farmers find higher pricing for their goods while also creating lakhs of non-farm agri-jobs.
Accessibility to the Global Market: 
  • The food security corridor, created in conjunction with logistics partner DP World and the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), advances India’s desired presence on the world food value chain outside of the United Arab Emirates. The corridor has the potential to create a pathway for goods produced and processed in India, starting on the Indian coast of the Arabian Sea, traveling through the United Arab Emirates, and ending up in significant global markets.
Direct Accessibility to the Food Ecosystem of the UAE:
  •  Agriota, an agri-trading and commodity platform to connect Indian farmers with food corporations in the UAE, was introduced by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, the largest free trade zone in the UAE. Through this platform, millions of Indian farmers will have the chance to directly connect with the complete food ecosystem in the UAE, including dealers, processors, and wholesalers, and to stock their goods in Emirati shops.


  • The India – UAE Cooperation have had a long-standing relationship. Their partnership in the food security sector has benefited them in several ways.
  • India’s strong track record in the food sector offers valuable expertise that can boost the UAE’s food security drive.
  • The commitments made by the UAE and the DMCC to food parks, agro-commodities, and contract farming reflect the nation’s intention to collaborate more with India in the future.
  • Indeed, both nations could enhance their food systems’ inclusivity, sustainability, and productivity by partnering for food security.

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