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  I2U2 Cooperation

I2U2 Initiative: It is formed in October, 2021 following the Abraham Accords, to deal with issues concerning maritime security, infrastructure and transport...
  • New grouping of  four nations- India, Israel, UAE, and the US.
  • Initially it was given the name International Forum for Economic Cooperation.
  • Also referred to as the ‘West Asian Quad’.
 What is Background ?

Abraham Accords: It is a peace agreement signed on September 15, 2020, between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain.

Brokered by the United States which has subsequently led to normalizing of relations between Israel and a number of Arab Gulf countries.

What is I2U2 ?

 It is formed in October, 2021 following the Abraham Accords, to deal with issues concerning maritime security, infrastructure and transport.

What is the objectives of I2U2?
  • I2U2 aims to re-energize and revitalize American partnerships across the world.
  • To strengthen the ties and discuss food security, maritime and other areas of cooperation among these four nations.
  • Deepening trade and economic ties between Israel and the UAE along with working on biotechnology is one of the objectives.
  • India, Israel and the UAE are technological hubs and there are many areas where these countries can work together such as technology, trade, climate, COVID-19 and security as well.
  • I2U2 tries to explore security cooperation among the four nations within the framework of the new grouping.

The Chinese presence is expanding in the West Asian region which is another point India and the US will want to counter.

Why I2U2 in news ?

The first I2U2 (India-Israel-UAE-USA) Leaders’ Virtual Summit was took place in July 2022.

  • The Leaders discuss the possible joint projects within the framework of I2U2 as well as the other common areas of mutual interest to strengthen the economic partnership in trade and investment in our respective regions and beyond.
  • These projects can serve as a model for economic cooperation and offer opportunities for our businesspersons and workers.
What are the advantages of the I2U2 summit for India?

1) Helps in broadening and deepening the already cordial political and economic relations with Israel and the UAE

2) I2U2 will align closely with the Indian broad policy goals in sectors such as health, water, and transportation,

3) Enhance basic physical and social infrastructure. For instance, India collaborated with Israel on drip irrigation projects in Gujarat.

What are the challenges associated with the I2U2 summit for India?
  • India might face challenges in balancing India’s geopolitical equilibrium.
  •  For example, Israel views I2U2 as a step towards augmenting opposition to Iran. The growth of I2U2 might create a potential challenge for India to develop India-Iran relations.

Way Forward

What does India need to do?

Given the tensions between India and China, India has to downplay the idea of a West Asian Quad and focus on the collaborations that will enhance the country’s developmental needs.

The I2U2 is a good opportunity to enhance cooperation in energy, security, food security, trade and commerce, maritime security, etc. Cooperation between the four countries is crucial.

  • India is one the fastest growing economies in the world.
  • Israel is way ahead in terms of defence research and technology
  • US is an export hub
  • UAE is growing in the energy sector

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