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India to buy Rafale Marine Jet from France

In News: Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) approved the procurement of 26 Rafale Marine fighter jets and three...India to buy Rafale Marine Jet from France

In News: Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) approved the procurement of 26 Rafale Marine fighter jets and three Scorpene submarines for the Indian Navy.

Features of Rafale jets and Rafale jets-M

Rafale jets
  • Advanced Fighter Jets: The manufacturers have designed the Rafales as advanced twin-engine, multirole fighter jets known for their cutting-edge technology and capabilities in air-to-air combat and ground attack missions.
  • Weapon Systems: The Rafales possess advanced weapon systems like Meteor missiles, Hammer smart weapons, and Scalp cruise missiles.
  • Modern Sensors and Radar: The manufacturers have fitted these jets with modern sensors and radar systems, enabling them to detect, track, and engage targets effectively, enhancing situational awareness and mission success.
  • High Payload Capacity: TRafales have high payload capacity for versatile mission scenarios.
  • India-Specific Enhancements: Indian Rafales have specific enhancements for better performance in Indian conditions.
Rafale Jets-M
  • Adapted for Carrier Operations: The Marine version of the Rafale jets is specifically designed to operate from aircraft carriers at sea, necessitating certain modifications and features.
  • Foldable Wings and Longer Airframe: The Marine variant of the Rafales has foldable wings and a longer airframe for carrier operations.
  • Tail Hook for Arrested Landing: The Marine jets are equipped with a tail hook, enabling them to perform arrested landings on the carrier deck, where a cable catches the hook to bring the aircraft to a stop.
  • Reinforced Landing Gears: The manufacturers have reinforced the nose and main landing gears of the Marine version to withstand the challenging conditions of carrier landings and catapulting.
  • Enhanced Maritime Capabilities: The naval variant of the Rafale can carry a wider range of weapons, including anti-ship missiles and air-to-surface missiles, making it well-suited for maritime operations. It also features radar systems optimized for maritime surveillance and targeting.

MiG 29Ks

  • Navy currently operates the MiG-29Ks from its aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya.
  • The Russian MiG-29Ks are a carrier-based multirole fighter aircraft .
  • Its maximum speed over twice the speed of sound (about 2,000 kmph)
  • It can climb to an altitude of over 65,000 feet.

Current Requirements

  • Only two aircraft met the criteria for the Navy’s fighter jet deal: Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet and Dassault Aviation’s Rafale-M.
  • The Rafale-M had an advantage due to its common spares and support with the Rafale operated by the Indian Air Force.
  • This commonality allowed for easier logistics, maintenance, and operational coordination between the Air Force and Navy variants of the Rafale.
  • The Rafale-M’s edge over the Super Hornet played a role in its selection for the Navy’s fighter jet requirement.

Export and Usage of Rafale Jets

  • Importance for France: The Rafale is a key component of France’s nuclear deterrence capabilities.
  • Orders and Deliveries: France has ordered a total of 192 Rafales, with 153 already delivered by the end of 2022.
  • Future Orders: The authorities have planned a further order of 30 fighters and additional Rafales to offset sales made to Greece and Croatia.
  • Flight and Operational Hours: The aircraft has flown 405,000 flight hours, including 63,500 operational hours by French pilots since 2007.


  • The Rafale Marine jets, with their advanced features and expanded weapon capabilities, will strengthen the Navy’s deck-based fighter fleet.
  • This procurement decision marks another step towards bolstering India’s defense preparedness and self-reliance in defense manufacturing.
FAQs Related with Rafale Marine Jet
Ques 1: What is the Rafale Marine Jet?

Answer: The Rafale Marine Jet is a carrier-based variant of the Dassault Rafale fighter jet.

Ques 2: How is the Rafale Marine Jet different from the standard Rafale?

Answer:The Rafale Marine Jet has foldable wings, a longer airframe, and a tail hook for carrier-based operations. It also incorporates reinforced landing gear and features specific enhancements for maritime missions.

Ques 3: What capabilities does the Rafale Marine Jet offer?

Answer: The Rafale Marine Jet has advanced multirole capabilities, modern sensors, radar systems, and versatile weapon options.

India to buy Rafale Marine Jet from France,India to buy Rafale Marine Jet from France

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