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India FDI Inflow in FY 2023: Recent Investment Data Analysis

India FDI Inflow 2023

Including stock inflows, reinvested profits, and other capital sources, India received FDI inflows totaling US$70.97 billion in FY 2023. The amount was lower than the US$84.83 billion in 2022.

FDI Inflows in FY 2023:
  • India received its highest-ever FDI inflow of US$83.57 billion in the fiscal year 2021-2022.
  • However, FY 2023 saw a drop in FDI inflows due to global uncertainties.
  • Total FDI inflows in FY 2023 amounted to US$70.97 billion.
Top FDI Recipient Sectors in FY 2023:
  • Computer software and hardware sector attracted the highest FDI inflows of US$9.39 billion.
  • Services sector received significant investments of US$8.70 billion.
  • Other sectors that received notable FDI include trading, drugs and pharmaceuticals, automobile industry, chemicals, and construction (infrastructure) activities.
Top Investor Countries in FY 2023:
  • Singapore accounted for the highest inward FDI in India at US$17.20 billion.
  • Other top investor countries include Mauritius, the US, UAE, and the Netherlands.
  • UK, Japan, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, and Germany also made significant FDI equity inflows.
Leading Indian States Attracting FDI in FY 2023:
  • Maharashtra emerged as the top recipient of FDI with a total of US$14.80 billion.
  • Karnataka followed with US$10.42 billion, while Delhi and Gujarat attracted US$7.53 billion and US$4.71 billion, respectively.
Data summarized in a table format
SectorFDI Inflows (in USD billions)
Computer software and hardware9.39
Services sector8.70
Drugs and pharmaceuticals2.05
Automobile industry1.90
Construction (infrastructure) activities1.70
Investor CountryFDI Inflows (in USD billions)
United States6.04
United Arab Emirates3.35
Indian StatesFDI Inflows (in USD billions)

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