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How to Prepare for Civil Services Examination After 12th

Prepare for Civil Services

Prepare for Civil Services Exam: Before embarking on your journey to become an IAS officer, the first step is to complete a bachelor’s degree, which is the minimum educational requirement for IAS preparation. After finishing high school, aspiring candidates should select a subject for their undergraduate studies that will not only facilitate their IAS preparation but also provide them with an advantage in the competitive exam.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy & Administration with an integrated civil services focus is a wise choice. Within this program, students can opt for subjects like Political Science, Economics, Geography, History, or any subject that aligns with their interests and strengths, setting the stage for a strong foundation in their IAS journey.

Understand UPSC Exam Structure

If you’re considering a career in civil services after completing your 12th grade, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the exam format and structure. You can find helpful articles on our coaching website to get you started. Your top priority should be to study the UPSC syllabus and review previous IAS question papers for both the Prelims and Mains exams. This will give you a clear understanding of the typical question areas and the format of the examination.

Make Newspaper Reading a Habit

  • Cultivate the habit of reading newspapers, especially editorials, and summarizing key information concisely.
  • It’s advisable for aspiring civil service candidates to begin reading newspapers like The Hindu or The Indian Express during their college years.
  • Consider tuning in to news analysis on All India Radio and discussions on Rajya Sabha TV (e.g., Big Picture).
  • Remember that reading skills take time to develop, especially for those with non-humanities backgrounds.
  • Make it a priority to develop the valuable practice of reading newspapers and extracting essential points from your reading material.

Be thorough with your NCERT Books

  • Upon completing your college education, it is expected that a heightened level of maturity will be achieved, allowing you to contribute to important national matters. This weighty responsibility falls upon current high school students. For those of us aspiring to become civil servants, prioritizing our college education is crucial as it serves as the groundwork for our future careers.
  • It is essential to strive for diligence and dedication in our studies, taking the time to thoroughly comprehend the material within our textbooks. Moreover, actively reflecting on our newfound knowledge is imperative.
  • Regularly honing our writing skills should also be a top priority, striving for continuous improvement. For students with a background in the sciences, our coaching website conveniently provides access to humanities textbooks (NCERT). It is highly recommended to utilize this resource during moments of leisure.

Finish your optional subject

  • Once you’ve decided to appear for the Civil Service Examination, analyze the UPSC syllabus and review previous question papers to choose your optional subject.
  • Start gathering study materials for your chosen optional subject early on. It’s a good idea to prioritize this subject, as it can give you a significant advantage in the exam.
  • Preparing for an optional subject requires a different approach compared to the General Studies (GS) subjects. You’ll need to delve into the details of every aspect.
  • Make finishing your optional subject a top priority to gain an edge in this competitive examination. This focused effort can help you excel in the marathon of Civil Service Exam preparation.

Read Books about India

  • Make it a habit to shift your focus from social media, like Facebook, to reading books authored by insightful writers about India.
  • These books may not be specifically designed for the Civil Service Exam, but they will significantly expand your knowledge about India’s past, present, and future.
  • Developing a deep understanding of India’s challenges and their possible solutions can greatly benefit you when writing answers in the Civil Services Mains General Studies and Essay paper.
  • Consider reading books such as “India after Gandhi,” “A Wonder That Was India,” and “Wings of Fire” by the late President Dr. Kalam for motivation.
  • Don’t hesitate to read as many books as possible; there’s no harm in it.

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