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Coastlines of Submergence

seashore of submergence include ria shoreline  and fiord shoreline . A ria shoreline is formed when a rise of sea level or a crustal....

Coastlines of submergence include ria coast and fiord coasts. A ria coast is formed when a rise of sea level or a crustal sinking (or both) brings the shoreline to rest against the sides of river valleys previously carved by streams.

  • When a region is dissected by streams into a system of valleys and divides, submergence produces a highly irregular shoreline called ria coastline.
  • The coast of south-west Ireland is a typical example of ria coastline.
  • Some coastal regions have been heavily eroded by glacial action and the valley glacier troughs have been excavated below sea level.
  • After the glaciers have disappeared, a fjord coastline emerges.
  • These coasts have long and narrow inlets with very steep sides.
  • The fjord coasts of Norway are a typical example.
  • The Dalmatian coasts result by submergence of mountain ridges with alternating crests and troughs which run parallel to the sea coast.
  • The Dalmatian coast of Yugoslavia is a typical example.

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