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Bhagwant Mann Announces Opening of Eight Modern UPSC Coaching Centers

Bhagwant Mann

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann announced the Punjab Government’s plan to inaugurate eight state-of-the-art training centers. These centers will provide coaching for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. The primary objective is to boost the state’s representation in prestigious central services such as IAS, IPS, IRS, and more. The move is aimed at equipping aspiring candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in these competitive examinations.


  • The move aims at enhancing the state’s representation in the central services like IAS, IPS, IRS and others.
  • These Centres will ensure that Punjabi youths sit in high offices and serve the country, the CM said.

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann addressed the pressing issue of the state’s declining representation in central services, particularly in UPSC exams. He announced the upcoming establishment of eight ultra-modern training centers across the state, which will provide specialized coaching for aspiring candidates.

The Chief Minister expressed concern over the state’s talented youth being unable to crack these exams, attributing it to their inclination towards going abroad and the lack of quality coaching facilities within the state. The new training centers aim to bridge this gap and equip the youth with the necessary resources to excel in UPSC examinations.

Bhagwant Mann asserted the Punjab government’s determination to reverse the declining trend of representation in central services. To achieve this goal, the government is establishing eight coaching centers across Punjab. These centers will offer top-notch training to the youth without any charges, facilitating their success in clearing UPSC exams.

The Chief Minister emphasized that securing coveted positions in both state and Union Government would allow the youth to serve the country effectively. He proudly mentioned the state’s remarkable legacy of producing exceptional bureaucrats who have made significant contributions to the socio-economic development of the nation by serving in various capacities.

Bhagwant Mann emphasized the importance of upholding the rich tradition of producing exceptional bureaucrats from Punjab in the future. To achieve this goal, the newly established coaching centers would play a pivotal role. The Chief Minister reiterated that the primary aim of these centers is to enable Punjabi youth to occupy esteemed positions and serve the nation.

Furthermore, he ensured that the coaching would be provided free of cost to all aspiring students from diverse backgrounds. Mann directed officials to finalize the entry modalities for the coaching centers and ensure the recruitment of professional, dedicated, and capable staff. In addition to regular training at the centers, the state government is also considering the implementation of online training for UPSC aspirants in Punjab.

The Chief Minister expressed that aspirants enrolling in these centers would receive financial assistance from the state government. He expressed confidence that Punjab would soon produce leading bureaucrats, maintaining its legacy of contributing significantly to the country’s socio-economic development.

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