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Andhra Pradesh: Its History, Language & Culture

Andhra Pradesh

Key Facts

  • Andhra Pradesh is a state in the southeastern coastal region of India.
  • It ranks as the 7th largest state in terms of area and the 10th most populous state in India.
  • It shares its borders with Telangana to the northwest, Chhattisgarh to the north, Odisha to the northeast, Tamil Nadu to the south, Karnataka to the west, and the Bay of Bengal to the east.
  • Andhra Pradesh boasts the second longest coastline in India after Gujarat.
  • It was the first state to be formed on a linguistic basis.
  • The official language of Andhra Pradesh is Telugu, which is one of the classical languages of India, the fourth most spoken language in India, and the 11th-most spoken language in the world.
  • The state is home to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
  • Andhra Pradesh is a major producer of Virginia tobacco.
  • The Tummalapalle mines in the state are a rich source of Uranium.
Physical Characteristics– Coastal Plains
– Eastern Ghats
– Deccan Plateau
– Central Plateau
Natural Vegetation– Tropical Dry forest
– Tropical shrubland
Minerals– Limestone
– Oil and Natural Gas reserves
– Manganese
– Iron ore
– Asbestos
– Ball clay
– Gold
– Diamonds
– Graphite
– Silica
– Dolomite
– Quartz
– Most deposit and production of Mica in India found here
– About one-third of India’s limestone reserves
Rivers– Krishna (flowing from Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra to Andhra Pradesh)
– Godavari (flowing from Brahmagiri Mountain in Maharashtra to Antardevi into the Bay of Bengal)
Dams– Nagarjuna Sagar Dam (Krishna River) – one of the largest in Asia
– Prakasam Barrage (Krishna River)
– Srisailam Dam (Krishna River)
– Telugu Ganga<br> – Polavaram Project
– Somasila Reservoir (Nellore district)
– Thandava Dam (Visakhapatnam district)
– Yeleru Reservoir (East Godavari)
– Kalyani Reservoir (Chittoor)
Ports– Visakhapatnam
– Kakinada
– Machilipatnam
Important Festivals– Rama Navami
– Maha Shivaratri
– Tirupati Brahmotsavam
– Ugadi (Telugu New Year)
– Vinayaka Chavithi
– Vasanthotsavam
– Attla Taddi
Historical Sites– Borra Caves
– Adoni Fort
– Golconda Fort
– Talakona Waterfall
– Victoria Museum
– Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple
– Bugga Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple
Dance Forms– Kuchipudi (official dance form of the state)
– Butta Bommalu (Puppet show dance)
– Veeranatyam (dance of anger)
– Lambadi (traditional tribe dance)
– Harikatha
– Dhimsa (tribal dance of tribes in Araku hill station)
– Tappeta Gullu
– Kolattam (stick dance)
– Bhamakalpam (originated for the pure Kuchipudi, depicting the love fight between Krishna and his wives)
– Burrakatha (narrative dance form with rhythm and small songs)
Art Forms– Muggulu floor painting
– Tirupati painting
– Textile Art-Kalamkari
– Nirmal Painting
Geographical Indications– Banaganapalle Mangoes
– Bandar Laddu
– Bobbili Veena
– Budithi Bell and Brass Craft
– Dharmavaram Handloom Pattu Sarees and Paavadas
– Guntur Sannam
– Kondapalli Toys
– Machilipatnam Kalamkari
– Mangalagiri Sarees and Fabrics
– Srikalahasti Kalamkari
– Tirupati Laddu
– Uppada Jamdani Sari
– Venkatagiri Sari
Protected Areas– Seshachalam Biosphere Reserve
– Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve (India’s largest Tiger Reserve)
– Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary (India’s second-largest lagoon; Largest is Chilka)
– Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary
– Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary
– Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary
– Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary (Mangrove forests)
– Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary
– Atapaka Bird Sanctuary – Kolleru Lake
– Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary
– Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary
– Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary
– Gundla Brahmeswara Wildlife Sanctuary
– Sri Penusila Narasimha Wildlife Sanctuary
– Gundla Brahmeswara Wildlife Sanctuary
– Sri Venkateswara National Park
Ramsar Site– Kolleru Lake
State Animal/Bird/Flower/Tree– Blackbuck (Indian antelope)
– Indian Roller
– Lotus
– Vepa (Neem)
Ethnic group– Andh
– Bagata
– Chenchu
– Gadabas
– Kondhsm Porja
– Sawara
Hydroelectric Power Plants– Srisailam Dam on Krishna River
– Nagarjuna Sagar Dam on Krishna River
GI Tags– Srikalahasthi Kalamkari
– Kondapalli Bommallu
– Machilipatnam Kalamkari
– Budithi Bell & Brass Metal Craft<br>
– Andhra Pradesh Leather Puppetry
– Uppada Jamdani Sarees
– Tirupathi Laddu
– Guntur Sannam Chilli
– Venkatagiri Sarees
– Bobbili Veena
– Mangalagiri Sarees and Fabrics
– Dharmavaram Handloom Pattu Sarees and Paavadas
– Bandar Laddu
– Udayagiri Wooden Cutlery
– Durgi Stone Carvings
– Etikoppaka Toys
– Allagadda Stone Carving
– Araku Valley Arabica Coffee

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