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AI in the Pharma Sector

AI in the Pharmaceuticals

Potential and Doubts: AI has the potential to reduce drug development time by half, but doubts exist regarding the reliability of AI tools in drug development.

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Case Study – Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cure:

  • In 2022, Insilico Medicine, Stanford University, and the University of Toronto used AI tools to find a cure for Hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • PandaOmics, an AI platform, shortlisted 20 potential targets from research papers.
  • AlphaFold predicted protein 3D structures, and Chemistry42 designed 8,918 new chemicals.
  • The entire process took just 30 days, a significant time reduction.

AI Benefits in Drug Development:

  • Drug development typically costs $2.6 billion and takes around 12 years but can be significantly reduced with AI.
  • AI companies complete drug discovery and preclinical stages in less than four years, whereas big pharma takes five to six years.
  • Machine learning (ML) is widely used in drug discovery for data-driven predictions.
  • AI models can analyze vast amounts of data from diverse sources beyond human capacity.

Limitations of AI in Pharma:

  • Choosing the wrong target remains a challenge, as many potential drugs fail clinical trials due to incomplete disease understanding.
  • Example: Drugs targeting beta-amyloid for Alzheimer’s have not succeeded despite significant investments.
  • AI operates as a “black box,” not revealing the logic behind predictions, leading to misinterpretation and bias.
  • Trust issues surround AI-created drugs among biologists and industry leaders.

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