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What to Expect in a UPSC Interview

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The UPSC interview process is a unique blend of seriousness and sometimes unintended comedy. As you approach the UPSC Bhavan, you’ll witness a flurry of activity:

  1. Marathon Atmosphere: As if preparing for a marathon, candidates gather outside the UPSC Bhavan.
  2. Family Gathering: Parents often bring along a multitude of relatives, resulting in distracting pre-interview gossip.
  3. Newspaper Frenzy: Candidates flip through 3-4 newspapers at lightning speed, possibly more confusing than informative.
  4. Keen Observation: It feels like every action is under scrutiny, even restroom visits are cautious affairs.
  • Guided Walk: The peon escorts candidates through the corridor, guiding everyone Inside the interview room:
  • Varied Performances: Board members are generally friendly, but candidates perceive it differently. Some exude confidence, some exhibit nervousness, while others grapple with confusion. It’s like a unique show, entertaining without a direct audience.
  • Unknown Verdict: Candidates often leave the room without knowing how they fared. The board’s assessment can be quite subjective.

After the interview:

  • Crafting Narratives: Stepping out, candidates become storytellers, embellishing their experiences to sound impressive for coaching institutes and peers.
  • Judging the Board: Now, candidates judge the board, and the board evaluates them. It’s a mutual game, but the outcome is one-sided.

The UPSC interview is famously unpredictable. Anything might be asked, and it truly is an exceptional experience in the journey of aspiring civil servants.

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