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Tanu Jain, Former Doctor Turned IAS Officer, Resigns After 7 Years in Service

Tanu Jain

Numerous aspiring UPSC candidates may have encountered her inspirational talks and practice interview sessions on YouTube shorts or Instagram reels.


In an exceptional display of determination and rigorous effort, Tanu Jain, an IAS officer, accomplished the remarkable feat of clearing the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary examination with just two months of preparation. Her journey commenced in 2012 when she initially took the UPSC exam. Despite initially passing only the prelims, she persisted in her pursuit and ultimately attained success.

Rising Popularity

Tanu Jain, a widely recognized IAS officer, is renowned for her active engagement on various social media platforms. Countless UPSC aspirants have had the privilege of encountering her motivational speeches and practice interview sessions on platforms like YouTube shorts and Instagram reels. Through her online presence, she extends valuable guidance and support to UPSC aspirants, significantly contributing to their journey towards success in the civil services examination.

Tanu Jain’s Professional Journey

Currently serving as an Assistant Director at DRDO, Tanu Jain is actively involved in UPSC coaching, conducting mock interview sessions for UPSC aspirants.

Initial Attempts and Success

Tanu Jain took her maiden shot at the UPSC examination, where she managed to clear only the preliminary stage. Nevertheless, her perseverance paid off in her third attempt in 2014 when she successfully conquered the UPSC examination, securing an impressive rank of 648.

Background and Career Decision

Tanu Jain obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from Subharti Medical College, Meerut. However, upon completing her degree, she had an epiphany: she believed that working as a doctor would restrict her capacity to create a substantial impact on people’s lives, especially when compared to the potential she saw in becoming an IAS officer. It was this realization that spurred her to embark on her UPSC examination journey.

2 Months of Intensive Preparation

Tanu Jain committed only two months to prepare for the UPSC Preliminary examination. Although her initial attempt did not lead to success in the main examination, her unwavering perseverance ultimately paid off, resulting in a commendable rank of 648 in her third attempt.


The success story of Tanu Jain serves as a beacon of inspiration for UPSC aspirants, underscoring the immense impact of dedication and targeted preparation. Her transformation from a doctor to an IAS officer vividly illustrates her unwavering commitment to serving society. Tanu Jain’s achievements stand as irrefutable proof that, armed with the right mindset and unwavering diligence, one can attain exceptional success in the fiercely competitive arena of UPSC examinations.

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