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Surakshit Matritva Aashwasan (Suman)

Surakshit Matritva Aashwasan

Surakshit Matritva Aashwasan scheme, launched by the Central Government, aims to ensure that no mother or newborn suffers preventable deaths. The Suman scheme aims to lower maternal and infant mortality rates, making sure every mother and baby gets the care they need for a healthy start.

Key Point

The government launched a program to make sure every woman and newborn receive quality healthcare for free when they visit a public health facility. They kicked off this initiative on October 10, 2019, during a conference in New Delhi. Under SUMAN, pregnant women, newborns, and mothers up to 6 months after delivery can access various healthcare services for free. The aim is to provide dignified care, respecting women’s choices and preferences. Some of the services covered include:

  • Making sure expecting mothers get the care they need during pregnancy.
  • Ensuring newborns receive proper attention and care even after they leave the hospital.
  • Early monitoring of pregnancy for a healthy start.
  • Essential for the health of both mother and baby.
  • Vital vaccinations to protect against dangerous diseases.
  • Ensuring a holistic approach to maternal healthcare.
  • Additional support for expectant mothers.

In addition to SUMAN, the Government of India has implemented the Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana (PMMVY), a crucial maternity benefits program. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is responsible for overseeing various initiatives aimed at supporting maternal and family health.

  • PMSMA (Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan): Ensuring safe pregnancies through regular checkups.
  • LaQSHYA (Labour Room & Quality Improvement Initiative): Improving the quality of care during labor and delivery.
  • JSSK (Janani-Shishu Suraksha Karyakram): Providing free maternal and child healthcare services.
  • JSY (Janani Suraksha Yojana): Offering financial assistance to pregnant women for safe delivery.

These programs highlight the government’s commitment to the well-being of pregnant women and newborns across the country.


Every woman and newborn at a public health facility deserves dignified, respectful healthcare, free of charges. Denial of services should be absolutely intolerable to prevent maternal and newborn deaths or complications. Each birthing experience should be positive, with both mother and child receiving top-notch support and care.

  • Pregnant women will not have to worry about paying for delivery or C-section procedures if there are complications, as public health facilities will cover all expenses.
  • The SUMAN scheme aims to make sure that pregnant women receive necessary care for any issues that arise during and after pregnancy without having to pay anything.
  • Under this scheme, there will be a strict policy against refusing services to pregnant women in need, ensuring they receive the care they require without any hassle.
  • To make it easier for pregnant women to access healthcare, the government will provide free transportation from their homes to the health facility and back after discharge, with a minimum stay of 48 hours.
  • Respectful care will be emphasized, ensuring that pregnant women are treated with privacy and dignity. There will be support for early breastfeeding, along with free vaccinations and healthcare services for sick newborns and neonates.


Pregnant mothers, precious newborns, and moms within six months of giving birth will now have access to a range of essential healthcare services at no cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Pregnant women will have access to free identification and management of complications during and after pregnancy, without any expense involved.
  • The government will offer complimentary transportation services for pregnant women, ensuring they can reach healthcare facilities from their homes and return after discharge, with a minimum stay of 48 hours.
  • Expectant mothers will be provided with cost-free delivery and C-section options at public healthcare facilities if complications arise.
  • The scheme will guarantee that pregnant women facing complications receive necessary services without any refusal or denial of care.

Need for and Significance of the Scheme

  • The goal of the program is to reduce the number of mothers and infants dying during childbirth and infancy, ensuring that preventable deaths are eliminated.
  • It strives to ensure that mothers and newborns have a positive and relaxed birthing process, promoting their well-being and health.

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