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Scary Barbie – The Largest Cosmic Explosion

Scary Barbie

Astronomers have detected one of the longest, brightest and most energetic cosmic objects ever observed — and they’ve named it “Scary Barbie,” in part due to its terrifying power.

The remote object, an astonishingly bright flash of light that has lasted for more than two years, was discovered lurk

“What is that?”

Scientists believe that they have well understood the nature of the “Scary Barbie”. In fact, it is a black hole that tears apart a star that inadvertently approached it. It happened at a distance of 7.7 billion light-years from us, so far beyond the local group of galaxies.

When the star approaches a black hole, the tidal forces of the latter become stronger than its own gravity. They pull out a part of the luminary into a long “spaghetti” that begins to fall on the black hole, and when it falls, it twists around it. 

Scary Barbie: Supermassive Black Hole Tears Apart a Giant Star With “Terrifying” Energy

Astronomers have identified the largest cosmic explosion ever observed, a fireball 100 times the size of our Solar System that suddenly began blazing in the distant universe more than three years ago.

While the astronomers offered on Friday what they think is the most likely explanation for the explosion. They emphasised that more research was needed to understand the puzzling phenomenon.

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