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Nuclear Command Authority

Nuclear Command Authority

The Nuclear Command Authority (NCA) of India, set up in 2003, manages the country’s nuclear weapons program. It has a Political Council headed by the Prime Minister and an Executive Council led by the National Security Advisor (NSA). The Executive Council advises the Political Council, which decides on nuclear strikes if needed, ensuring civilian oversight and a strong Command and Control (C2) system to prevent unauthorized use.

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Strategic Forces Command (SFC)

The Strategic Forces Command, under India’s Nuclear Command Authority, manages tactical and strategic nuclear weapons. Led by a Commander-in-Chief, usually an Air Marshal, it operationalizes NCA directives.

Defence Planning Committee 

In April 2018, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) set up the Defence Planning Committee (DPC) with the National Security Adviser (NSA) as chair. Its members include the Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary, Chief of Defence Staff, Chiefs of Army, Air Force, and Navy, along with expenditure secretaries from Finance Ministry. The Integrated Defence Staff (CIDS) chief acts as its member-secretary.

The DPC, as per the Indian Government’s notification, was tasked with several mandates, including:

  • Prepare a draft National Security Strategy.
  • Develop a capability development plan.
  • Work on defence diplomacy issues.
  • Improving defence manufacturing ecosystem in India

Defence Space Agency 

Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, the Defence Space Agency (DSA) is a unified service agency within the Indian Armed Forces. Its primary mission revolves around the operation of India’s space warfare capabilities and satellite intelligence assets. Drawing upon personnel from all branches of the military, the DSA stands as a pivotal force in safeguarding the nation’s interests beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Chief of Defence Staff 

General Bipin Rawat, who took office on January 1, 2020, serves as the top military leader in India, overseeing the Department of Military Affairs. Alongside the Vice Chief of Defence Staff and the chiefs of the army, navy, and air force, he advises the government, heads the Chiefs of Staff Committee, and improves coordination among the branches, simplifying military planning and choices.

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