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Neeraja Prabhakar was appointed as the RAC of the ICAR’s chairperson

Neeraja Prabhakar

Neeraja Prabhakar: The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) at the ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research (IIOPR) in Pedavegi, Andhra Pradesh, has been appointed as chaired by B.Neeraja Prabhakar. With this momentous appointment, Ms. Prabhakar will preside over a ten-person committee for a period of three years beginning on June 13. Ms Prabhakar’s appointment is anticipated to help the oil palm business in India expand and thrive due to her vast experience and competence in the field.

Significance of the Research Advisory Committee

The ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research (IIOPR) relies heavily on the guidance and advice of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for its research and development projects. IIOPR, the only institute in India devoted only to oil palm research, seeks to create cutting-edge technology that may be used in all states where oil palm is grown. The RAC, under the guidance of Ms. Prabhakar, will give useful insights, provide strategic direction, analyse research proposals, assess current projects, and provide valuable evaluation to guarantee that the institute’s research activities are in line with the demands of the industry.

Focus on Oil Palm Research in India

Due to the economic and nutritional benefits of oil palm, it has become more important to cultivate them in India in recent years. Particularly in terms of oil extraction from oil palm kernels, Telangana has become a prominent state. Ms. Prabhakar’s participation in the Telangana Oil Palm Advisory Committee gives her further insight and awareness of the unique possibilities and problems that the region faces. Within the following four years, the state plans to increase oil palm farming to 20 lakh acres, with a goal of at least 10 lakh acres being reached soon.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

Director General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR): Himanshu Pathak
Andhra Pradesh is the top producer of oil palm in the nation.

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