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National Register of Citizens (NRC)

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) has reorganized its employees by bringing new ones. NRC is supposed to be a register of all Indian citizens.

Why in news?

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) has reorganized its employees by bringing new ones.

What is National Register of Citizens (NRC)?

  • The 2003 amendment of the Citizenship Act, 1955 mandates that NRC is to be a register of all Indian citizens. Currently, it has been implemented only in Assam.
  • After the 1951 Census of India, the register was first prepared, but it was not updated until recent times.

Guidelines for preparation

The Central government can issue an order to prepare the National Population Register (NPR) under Citizenship Rules, 2003, and create the NRC based on the data gathered in it. No separate laws are needed.


Some countries maintain the National Register of Citizens (NRC) as a significant register to create a comprehensive record of the residents or citizens of that country. Its purpose is to establish and verify the citizenship status of individuals residing in the country.

The NRC process compiles a list containing the names and relevant information of individuals who are considered citizens of the country based on specific criteria. This process typically requires individuals to provide documentary evidence and undergo verification to prove their citizenship.

The significance of the NRC lies in its role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of citizenship records, preventing illegal immigration, and maintaining national security. It can help identify individuals who may have entered the country unlawfully or those who are falsely claiming citizenship.

However, the implementation and implications of an NRC can vary widely from country to country. It can be a complex and contentious process, often raising concerns about discrimination, exclusion, and potential human rights violations. The NRC has been a subject of debate and controversy in various regions, depending on the context and specific circumstances surrounding its implementation.

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