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National Climate Law: India’s Plan to Reduce Carbon Emissions

National Climate Law


  • India has just shared its environmental goals at the Glasgow conference. To hit these targets effectively, India believes it’s crucial to have a dedicated climate law.
  • They’ve proposed a ‘Panchamrit solution‘ designed to cut down on our reliance on fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions by a whopping one billion tonnes by 2030. But it’s not just about finding new energy sources; we also need to tackle climate risks, explore nature-based solutions, and hold ourselves accountable on a national level.
  • So, the suggestion is that India should create a climate law to make sure we’re on track for climate justice, managing our carbon footprint, and safeguarding the environment.

Why do we need a climate law?

Inadequacy in Present Laws

  • The current laws, like the Environment (Protection) Act (EPA), fall short in addressing climate change effectively.
  • An example is Clause 24 of the EPA, which suggests that if someone breaks EPA rules, they can be punished under other laws, making EPA less powerful.

Comprehensive Climate Action

  • We need a more comprehensive approach to tackle climate change.
  • It’s not just about using new technologies; it’s also about working with nature, like restoring ecosystems and reducing natural risks.

Avoiding Inequality

  • When setting goals like having 500 Gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030, we must be careful not to make social inequality worse.
  • We want progress without leaving some people behind or making poverty worse.

Ensuring Compliance

  • Sometimes, the orders meant to protect the environment aren’t followed properly.
  • For instance, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) ordered the NTPC to cover coal wagons with tarpaulin on railways, but it’s not happening. This not only increases coal emissions but also puts harmful coal dust in the air.

What steps can be taken?

  • Creating a ‘Commission on Climate Change‘ to keep an eye on our efforts to tackle climate change is a great idea. This commission would have the authority to give directions and make sure they are followed. Think of it like a watchdog making sure everyone is doing their part to protect the environment.
  • This commission would have some special powers, almost like a judge, to make sure its directions are taken seriously. It’s like having a superhero for the environment! They’ll ensure that everyone sticks to the rules and guidelines for protecting our planet.
  • To make things even more solid, we’d establish a National Climate Change Plan that is legally binding. This plan would hold people accountable for their actions in the short, medium, and long term. It’s like having a roadmap that we all follow to make sure we’re doing our best to take care of the Earth.

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