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National Bamboo Mission

National Bamboo Mission

The National Bamboo Mission (NBM) emerged as a vital component within the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH). Back in 2006-07, it took root as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme, and subsequently, it became part of MIDH during 2014-15 and 2015-16. This article delves into the mission’s goals and the various initiatives it has taken to foster the growth and development of bamboo on a national scale.

What is National Bamboo Mission (NBM)?

The National Bamboo Mission (NBM) is a program initiated by the Government of India to promote the cultivation and utilization of bamboo resources in the country. The mission aims to encourage the sustainable development of bamboo, both as a source of livelihood for rural communities and as a means of promoting environmental conservation. NBM focuses on various activities such as promoting bamboo plantation, providing technical support, creating market linkages, and developing bamboo-based industries. The mission also aims to enhance the income of bamboo farmers and improve the overall quality of bamboo products, thereby contributing to rural development and environmental sustainability.

Background of NBM

  • In 2018-19, the National Bamboo Mission (NBM) underwent a significant revamp with the goal of fostering the all-round growth of the bamboo sector.
  • The mission adopts a cluster-based approach, resembling a hub (industry) and spoke model, to ensure comprehensive development.
  • Through the provision of technical support and facilitative measures, the Mission is dedicated to streamlining its operations, ultimately boosting domestic industrial activity and enhancing farmer income.
  • Farmers stand to benefit with a 50% direct subsidy, amounting to Rs 1.00 lakh per hectare, aimed at incentivizing their participation in the bamboo sector.
  • Government agencies, pivotal players in this mission, enjoy a 100% subsidy, emphasizing the commitment to catalyzing the sector’s growth.
  • Entrepreneurs receive a full 100% subsidy for establishing various product development units, reinforcing the government’s support for initiatives that contribute to the bamboo sector’s expansion.

Objectives of National Bamboo Mission

  • The objective is to stimulate the expansion of the bamboo industry by implementing a regionally tailored approach. This involves expanding bamboo cultivation in suitable regions and using improved varieties to boost productivity.
  • The aim is to foster collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders involved in the bamboo sector’s development.
  • Furthermore, the strategy involves promoting, developing, and sharing technologies that combine traditional expertise with modern scientific knowledge.
  • An important goal is to create job prospects for both skilled and unskilled individuals, with a particular focus on unemployed youth.

Key Elements of the National Bamboo Mission

The critical aspects of the National Bamboo mission are listed as follows:

    • Research and Development
    • Plantation infrastructure development
    • Production of Planting Material
    • Area expansion under Bamboo
    • Improvement of Existing Stock
    • Technology Transfer & HRD
    • Pest and disease management of Bamboo
    • Creation of Water Resources
    • Innovative Interventions
    • Post-harvest storage and treatment facilities for Bamboo
    • Establishment of marketing infrastructure

    Benefits of National Bamboo Mission

    • This plan aims to support farmers, local artisans, and everyone involved in the bamboo industry, both directly and indirectly. The goal is to cultivate bamboo on a hundred thousand hectares, directly benefiting nearly a hundred thousand farmers involved in the plantation.
    • The scheme is designed to reduce our reliance on imported bamboo products and, at the same time, boost the income of farmers. By creating a comprehensive value chain, the scheme contributes to the overall growth of the bamboo sector.

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