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Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve

Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve

A nine-year-old tigress at the Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve, who was expecting babies, unfortunately passed away while undergoing treatment for a serious case of constipation.

About Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve


The Mukundra Tiger Reserve is nestled near Kota, Rajasthan, cradled in a valley formed by two majestic mountains, Mukundra and Gargola. This natural haven is bordered by four serene rivers—Ramzan, Ahu, Kali, and Chambal—that define the boundaries of the valley. Positioned on the eastern bank of the Chambal River, the reserve is embraced by the flowing arms of its tributaries.

Protected Area:

Once a royal hunting ground for the Maharaja of Kota, the Mukundra Hills earned its conservation stripes. Designated as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1955 and later as a National Park (Mukundra Hills National Park) in 2004, it officially secured its status as a Tiger Reserve in 2013 under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. The Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve proudly stands as the third such reserve in Rajasthan, joining the ranks of Ranthambore and Sariska.


Delving into the past, this reserve served as the Maharaja’s prized hunting grounds. The local name, Darrah, hints at its historical purpose, meaning ‘pass’ in the vernacular. Throughout history, the Marathas, Rajputs, and the British found strategic refuge in the forest during times of war.

Parks and Sanctuaries Included:

The Mukundra Tiger Reserve encompasses three Wildlife Sanctuaries—Darrah, Jawahar Sagar, and Chambhal—blanketing four key districts of Rajasthan: Kota, Bundi, Chittorgarh, and Jhalawar. The reserve’s dense and lush forest creates a thriving ecosystem.

Other National Parks in Rajasthan:

Beyond Mukundra, Rajasthan boasts other natural treasures, including the Desert National Park, Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Ranthambore National Park, and Sariska National Park. Each of these reserves contributes to the rich biodiversity and conservation efforts in the region.

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