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Mountain Classification

A mountain is a landform that rises dramatically above its surroundings, Mountain classification are into numerous types..

mountain is a landform that rises dramatically above its surroundings, with steep slopes, a small peak area, and significant local relief. Mountains are often thought to be larger than hills. Mountain classification are into numerous types based on their height, their period of origin, and their mode of origin:

  1. Continental mountains
  2. Oceanic mountains

1. Continental mountains

  • Coastal mountains
  • Inland mountains
a. Coastal mountains
  • the Rockies,
  • the Appalachians,
  • the Alpine mountain chains,
  • the Western Ghats and
  • the Eastern Ghats (India);
b. Inland mountains
  • the Vosges and the Black Forest (Europe),
  • the Kunlun, Tienshan, Altai mountains of Asia,
  • the Urals of Russia, the Aravallis,
  • the Himalayas, the Satpura, and the Maikal of India.

2. Oceanic mountains

  • Oceanic mountains are found on continental shelves and ocean floors.
  • If the height of the mountains is considered from the ocean floor, Mauna Kea (9140 m), would be the highest mountain. It is a dormant volcanic mountain in the Hawaii hotspot volcanic chain.

Mountain classification,Mountain classification

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