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Manoj Ahuja Introduces “BHARAT for Banks” Campaign to Boost Agri Infra Fund

Manoj Ahuja

Manoj Ahuja, Agriculture Secretary, Launches BHARAT Campaign for Banks to Accelerate Rural & Agriculture Transformation through Agri Infra Fund.

BHARAT Campaign

  • Agriculture Secretary Manoj Ahuja Aims to Raise 7200 Crore in a Month for Banks under Agri Infra Fund.
  • Over 100 Banking Officials Participate in BHARAT Campaign Launch via Video Conferencing with Agriculture Secretary Manoj Ahuja.
  • Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF) scheme which has been constructed of Over 31,850 Projects Constructed, Rs. 24,750 Crore in Loans, Highlights Joint Secretary Samuel Praveen Kumar.
  • Banking Executives Provide Insightful Suggestions to Elevate AIF to Newer Heights.
  • Manoj Ahuja Commends Top Performing Banks and Urges All Banks to Achieve Agri-Infra Project Targets.
  • Ministry Urges Banks to Evaluate Ground-Level Impact of Agri-Infra Projects under the Scheme.

About Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

  • Agriculture Infrastructure Fund has been approved by the Union Cabinet.
  • Agri-Infra Fund Scheme: Facilitating Medium-Long Term Debt Financing for Post-Harvest Management and Community Farm Assets.
  • This scheme provides interest subvention and financial assistance.
  • The scheme has been launched for a total of 10 years from FY2020 to FY2032.

Benefits of Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

  • Interest Subvention: Avail 3% Rebate on Loans up to Rs.2 Crore with a Maximum 7-Year Period.
  • Credit Guarantee Coverage: Government-Funded Credit Guarantee for Eligible Borrowers up to Rs.2 Crore.
  • FPO Credit Guarantee: Avail Coverage under DACFW’s FPO Promotion Scheme.
  • Flexible Repayment Moratorium: Banking News and Updates on Varied Moratorium Periods.

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