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LockBit ransomware

the LockBit ransomware was found to be targeting Mac devices. LockBit, formerly known as “ABCD” ransomware, is a type...

Recently, the LockBit ransomware found which is targeting Mac devices.

What is ransomware?

ransomware is a type of malware that hijacks computer data and then demands payment (usually in bitcoins) in order to restore it.

What is LockBit Ransomware?

LockBit, formerly known as “ABCD” ransomware, is a type of computer virus that enters someone’s computer and encrypts important files so they can’t be accessable.

LockBit is usually used to attack companies or organizations that can afford to pay a lot of money to get their files back.

It is used to target companies in many different countries, including the U.S., China, India, Ukraine, and Europe.

How one can protect systems against LockBit ransomware?

Organizations and individuals can take certain steps to increase resilience against such cyber threats such as:

–Implementation of Uses of strong passwords, with strong variations of special characters which are not easy to guess.

– Undertake training exercises to educate employees on the use of phishing attacks and their identification. 

– Old and unused user accounts should be deactivated.

– Organizations should have an understanding of cybersecurity threats and vulnerable points that may be exploited by cybercriminals.

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