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Laurentian Climate

The Laurentian climate is characterized by cold, dry winters and warm, wet summers. The winter temperature may fall well below the freezing point.....

The Laurentian climate is characterized by cold, dry winters and warm, wet summers. The winter temperature may fall well below the freezing point while the temperature in summers is as warm as the tropics approx.

This type of climate is an intermediate between the British and Siberian types of climate. It has features of both maritime and continental types of climate also known as Cool Temperate Eastern Marine Climate

Climate :
  • Climate is the accumulation of weather conditions and fluctuations over a wide region over a long period of time.
  • The condition of the atmosphere above a region at any one time is referred to as weather.
  • Temperature, air pressure, wind, humidity, and precipitation are all factors of weather and climate.
British climate :
  • The British type of climate has adequate rainfall throughout the year with a tendency towards a slight winter maximum (due to frontal cyclones).
  • Western margins have the heaviest rainfall due to westerlies.
  • This is particularly significant in New Zealand where the western margins are subjected to heavy orographic rainfall whereas the eastern Canterbury plains receive comparatively less rainfall due to rain-shadow effect.

Distribution of Laurentian Climate

  • Laurentian type of climate is found only in two regions and that too only in the northern hemisphere.
  • Rainfall occurs throughout the year with summer maxima [easterly winds from the oceans bring rains]
  • Annual rainfall ranges from 75 to 150 cm [two – thirds of rainfall occurs in the summer].
  • Dry Westerlies that blow from continental interiors dominatewinters.
The Asiatic region
  • The climate of Japan is modified by the meeting of warm and cold ocean currents.
  • It receives adequate rainfall from both the South-East Monsoon in summer and the North- West Monsoon in winter (western coasts of Japan)
  • The warm Kuroshio makes the climate of Japan lessextreme.
  • The meeting zone between warm Kuroshio from south and cold Oyashio from the north produce fog and mist, making north Japan a ‘second
    New foundland’.
Economic Development – Laurentian Climate
  • Lumbering and its associated timber, paper and pulp industries are the most important economic undertaking.
  • Agriculture is less important because of long and severe winters.
  • In the North American region, farmers are engaged in dairy farming.
  • The Annapolis valley in Nova Scotia is the world’s most renowned region for apples.
  • Fishing is, however, the most outstanding economic activity.
  • Pearl Culture is also an aspect of Japanese fishing

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